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We are GEA

GEA is conducting business in over 150 countries with the fantastic support of its more than 18,000 employees. We draw strength from our varied cultural backgrounds, experiences and expertise. Collectively, our purpose is clear:

At GEA, we are:
Here for the better.
In for the better.
Built for the better.
We are engineering for a better world.

You bond the minute you meet a GEA colleague from another country

Tatjana Krampitz


We want to be accepted as individuals and be recognized as a group

Kean Andrew Bruhn

Wherever you are, you have to find your voice and your identity

Debora Souza


Living the dream at GEA

Mark Schneeberger

Manufacturing & Production

“It’s really great to be able to be myself and feel appreciated”

Martina Biznar

"A friend in need is a friend indeed"

Chanda Pathak

Corporate Services & Business Administration

“I never expected GEA to promote me when my disability got worse”

Heinrich Zolnetzko

Manufacturing & Production

Colleagues for 40 years: Poul and Poul on why their teamwork still rocks

Poul E. Pedersen and Poul Vadstrup


It’s not just about a job. Here at GEA, we’re really there for each other.

Adriana and Carolina

“Nothing can stop me from doing what I love to do”



“We feel more like brothers now that we’re work colleagues too”

Christian and Sebastian Bathen (Australia and Germany)

Put your hand up and doors will open for you

Annemarie Harmsen

Corporate Services & Business Administration

Believe in a bright future and work with great people to create it



Being the spider in the web: that’s what I really love about my job

Maarten van Dael

Corporate Services & Business Administration

Mohana Durga Balasubramanian

Mohana Durga Balasubramanian

“The collaborative spirit within the GEA Digital network is what has made it such an enriching experience.”

Niklas Gerlieb

Niklas Gerlieb

“I want to push my company beyond its comfort zone.”

Shikha Mathew

Shikha Mathew

“I gain insight into a diverse range of customers and see my skills really contributing to better decisions.”

Oportunidades laborales en GEA

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