GEA NEXUS Holistic Engineering Solutions

A unique integration of process solutions and cooling & heating demands, resulting in lower energy consumption, minimized operating costs and reduced carbon footprint.

NEXUS - Holistic Engineering Solution

As an intensive energy user, the large-scale production industry needs to be at the very forefront of net-zero activities. The need is there. The intent is there. And together with GEA, you can take real action to get there. You can start growing greener with GEA NEXUS Holistic Engineering Solutions.

Rolling towards a greener future

The future is looking brighter, and we have marked the beginning of the end when it comes to the use of fossil fuels with United Nation’s agreement to ratchet up climate action before the end of the decade. We now have the world’s first “global stocktake” to shift to sustainable resources. The Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) encourages companies to take strong action on climate change by setting goals for reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. We are here to help you reach those goals.

How do you grow, profit and become greener?

The short answer: Get in touch with our GEA NEXUS team.

Getting serious about your decarbonization journey, while also ensuring a solid profit margin, sounds like a contradictory challenge. But as we all know – a challenge is also an opportunity. An opportunity to take a step back and look at the bigger picture - look at your entire production setup. The biggest win can be found in the smallest detail, so the trick is to find the different paths to upgrade plant performance whilst downsizing consumption and carbon footprint.

GEA NEXUS is a holistic approach to efficient, resource-saving and reliable production processes that can be implemented with limited or no downtime and ensures a fast return on investment.

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Nexus - Natural refrigerants

How to make your energy last longer

Energy efficiency plays a key role in achieving sustainability in process industries. So, not surprisingly, it’s high on your agenda and on ours. Heat production and subsequent chilling account for roughly 50% of the energy cost of food processing.

More than 90% of your factory’s heat demand can be met through upgraded waste heat. The use of heat pumps can potentially eliminate your boiler, and reuse waste heat from your refrigeration plant to satisfy different heating requirements within your process.

By implementing energy-efficient refrigeration and heat pump solutions utilizing natural refrigerants such as ammonia, GEA can improve your energy efficiency by up to 40% for heating and cooling.

The win-win situation - the power of your knowledge and our in-house expertise

What is unique about GEA NEXUS is that we combine our in-house expertise in both process technology and utilities and offer efficient solutions to meet your challenges.

Together with you, we have the combined skill set to create an all-encompassing, holistic solution.

With the results of the assessment and data analysis from the Add Better Consulting phase, our team of experts design tailor-made solutions and implement them into detailed engineering, incorporating utility functions into your production processes in a smart way – the GEA NEXUS way. This enables you to lower your energy usage and operational costs up to 30%, cut CO₂ and NOₓ emissions by up to 100%, reduce water consumption, paving the way for a closed loop and zero carbon production.

In short, GEA NEXUS is your next step towards a solid ROI, a greener production process, and will fast-forward your net-zero decarbonization journey.

Add Better Consulting

How to get started

The journey towards decarbonization starts with the right people, asking the right questions, at the right time.

So, the first step towards a greener future is to analyze your current situation and design the best way forward with a customized optimization and decarbonization strategy.

A step we cover with our Add Better Consulting service.

Customer cases

GEA NEXUS can provide

CO₂ emissions down 100%

GEA NEXUS can enable you to cut CO₂ and NOₓ emissions by up to 100%, reduce water consumption, potentially eliminate your boiler, and reuse waste heat from your refrigeration plant.

Energy efficiency up 40%

GEA NEXUS can improve your energy efficiency up to 40% for heating and cooling

Operational costs down 30%

GEA NEXUS can enable you to lower your energy usage and operational costs up to 30%

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