130 years of success with centrifugal force and a bright future ahead

Serving the whole world and all major economic sectors, GEA Separation has been in operation at top speed for well over a century with a wide range of products. Our purpose "Engineering for a better world" refers to shaping tomorrow’s world today – with over 3,500 applications, maximum efficiency, and a corporate DNA that has always consistently pursued sustainable operations.

centrifugal force
GEA decanters bring back Bengaluru lakes

95 lakes in the Bengaluru region have been revitalized

In this region of India the battle against water pollution is being won. 55 GEA biosolids Decanters are currently installed to bring back the quality of life.

GEA Centrifuge Water Saving Unit

A 99.9 percent reduction in cooling water consumption for centrifuges

Small system, big effect. When a GEA Centrifuge Water Saving Unit assists a GEA separator with direct drive, saving cooling water is going well.

LEFF function

90 percent savings of CIP cleaning media and water

The LEFF® function in GEA valve control tops increases the flushing intensity and shortens the flushing times. In figures: significant cost reductions.

Net_0 configuration for homogenizers

Multiple savings with the Net_0 configuration of the Ariete Series

Flexible and versatile - from NanoValve to OPS, there are modular expansions that deliver economic and environmental benefits. No. 1: the Net_0 configuration.

GEA Ariete Series

Up to 100 percent water reduction as per the zero-waste strategy

Whether it is fresh or waste water, zero is the goal. For example, GEA homogenizers offer two systems to reduce waste water in cooling and lubrication.

GEA Flow Components

23 percent reduction of materials and better efficiency

The GEA Hilge NOVATWIN+ boosts flow rates so that smaller pumps can be used in about 2/3 of the applications, resulting in a 23% material reduction.

130 years of success

There are so many challenges and things to deal with in the present that there is scarcely time to look back.

But let’s allow ourselves a brief moment to do so: over the course of 130 years, we have built up a vast amount of knowledge regarding centrifugal separation technology and its ever progressive applications. And not just in Oelde, Germany, where it all began, but also in over 110 countries where separators and decanter centrifuges are now an essential part of operations.

1893: Ahead of their time – on September 1, centrifuge pioneers Franz Ramesohl and Franz Schmidt started developing and producing dairy separators in Oelde, Germany.

1990: Outstanding products – more than 1,000 internationally registered patents and 210 independent inventions to date, with many more to come. This is all down to the brains behind the ideas.

1994: Thinking big  and acting big with the incorporation into the international GEA Group, which, as majority shareholder, is the foundation of the global expansion strategy.

2003: Centrifuges yesterday, today, and tomorrow – as part of the 110-year anniversary celebrations, the German Centrifuge Museum opens in Oelde, Germany. The museum showcases the extraordinary success of separators and decanters down through the years.

2013: Four ultra-modern plants – with new production capacities in Bengaluru (India), Wuqinq (China) and Niederahr (Germany), and Oelde (Germany), where the world's most advanced separator plant is launched, GEA is optimally positioned to handle international challenges.

2021: Working together towards "Mission 26" – creating a better world through ambitious targets we have set ourselves, such as net-zero emissions by 2040 and validated interim targets (SBTi  Science-Based Targets initiative) by 2030.

2023: More exciting than ever before  innovation and new ideas are now vital in light of digital transformation, resource conservation, new forms of energy, the integration of artificial intelligence, and other challenges.

Better world, better products – now.

Decanter and Separator

We need actions, not just words. Ideally, by making the world a little better every day  with innovative products from GEA. Sustainability and resource conservation are not just on-trend topics, but are matters of existential importance that will have long-term benefits. Specifically, this means companies count on us for everything  from world food supply to world health, from global resource conservation to solving all kinds of world problems.

Amortization of investment in modern separators and decanters is often achieved faster than expected  we can show you what’s possible and feasible for your specific project.

"There is certainly no shortage of future issues. Just like our problem solving expertise at product level, and the consistency, flexibility and reliability of our service operations. GEA is leading the way – come with us!"

Klaus Stojentin

CEO Separation & Flow Technologies Division

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