Global demand for plant-based goods continues to speed ahead – with plant-based proteins in particular showing huge potential. If we do a little digging, there are plenty of reasons why.

Take the global megatrends for health & wellness and sustainability, both of which have had a great and lasting impact on what we eat: with greater focus on protein-rich foods and beverages to growing concern for animal welfare being reflected in what we see on supermarket shelves.  

Other key factors include our collective effort to reduce food waste, and that production of plant-based meat has a much lower carbon footprint than animal meat. This creates further opportunity, with plant-based alternative foods usually requiring additional ingredients to add texture and nutritional value. Like plant-based protein.

And with plenty of raw materials to choose from, including soy, potatoes, peas, fava beans, and mung beans, it should come as no surprise the global plant-based protein market is expected to reach over $22.7 billion by the end of 20311.

Plant based proteins powder

Planning your journey from plant to powder

But all this potential is not without its challenges. After all, and as much as we’d like it to be the case, you can’t just install a new production line, press start, and begin delivering your customers high-quality plant-based protein powder that’s sustainable and always safe for consumption.

Whether you are looking to build an entirely new process line or integrate new equipment into your existing production plant, there is a lot to consider before making the leap. And so, to create a presence and build long-term trust among customers, that means finding solutions that will help you produce exceptionally pure and functional plant-based protein powder at scale – while reducing total cost of ownership. Solutions that focus as much attention on efficiency, safety, and output as they do on the final product.

Finding the right fit

That’s where we come in. With our in-depth industry know-how, technological expertise, and desire to help our customers meet growing demands while lowering their footprint, we’ve designed solutions that cover every stage of the production process. Your production process. Because whatever you need, we can deliver a production line that will fit your exact requirements. Regardless of base raw materials, final product and everything in-between.  

What’s more, as a customer, you’ll also get access to our laboratory and pilot plant facilities. Here, you can experiment with new recipes and work on process development and validation alongside our process experts. So you can see the type of product quality you can achieve, and the performance you can deliver, before investing in new equipment on an industrial scale.  


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