Compressor Service Centers

Compressor Service Centers for Industrial Refrigeration Equipment

GEA global Compressor Service Center support is never far away. Our strategically located Service Centers enable us to provide industrial compressor and equipment rebuild services to ensure fast turnround times and minimize shipping costs. Our highly skilled technicians manage and perform rebuild services for swift turnaround of GEA’s entire product range as well as those of other manufactures.

gea service technician working on an open screw compressor

GEA Compressor Service Centers at a glance

  • 17 global facilities with specially trained and experienced service specialists.
  • More than 500 compressor overhauls performed annually.
  • Compressor Service facilities comprise thousands of m² floorspace globally to serve our customers’ needs.
a specialized gea service technician performs a screw compressor rebuild

A specialized GEA workshop technician performs a screw compressor rebuild.

Maximizing value and performance

As a world-leading compressor manufacturer, GEA applies its expert knowledge to prolong efficient and safe operation of your equipment. 

Compressors are built to perform not for one but for multiple lifetimes. A GEA compressor Service Center are specialized GEA repair workshops, to help you to get the most economic value out of your original investment. 

During a GEA compressor rebuild, GEA Service Centers return end-of-life compressors to like-new condition. It’s a great way to improve equipment productivity, efficiency, serviceability and safety at a significantly lower cost than buying a new compressor. The ability to incorporate engineering updates introduced after your equipment was first manufactured gives customers the option to upgrade optional features and technologies to current standards. This approach reduces cost, boosts productivity and enhances efficiency, while avoiding the larger capital investment required to purchase a new compressor. Every GEA compressor rebuild includes a like-new warranty on all GEA original replaced parts.

two specialized gea refrigeration service specialists rebuilding a screw compressor

Our comprehensive compressor rebuild process

This extensive process requires specially trained & experienced service technicians, specialized equipment, stringent quality control and access to the latest technical information only available through a GEA Compressor Service Center or GEA factory. 

1 - Inspection/Evaluation

Perform comprehensive analysis, visual inspections and review available service history.

2 - Complete Disassembly

Conduct an extensive inspection of all parts and components.

3 - Reconditioning 

Complete work not included in a typical overhaul (e.g., electronic control modules, software).

4 - Engineering Updates

Recondition components to include the latest engineering designs.

5 - Testing

Leakage testing.

Factory rebuild includes pressure and performance testing

6 - Repainting

Paint the compressor, with customer-selected color.

7 - Final Inspection

Thoroughly inspect the rebuilt compressor.

If applicable, assign a Rebuild Identification Number (RIN), 

which provides the compressor with a brand-new identity

8 - Customer Evaluation 

Ensure satisfaction with performance in the operating environment. 

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Certain products and services may not be available in all areas. 
Please contact your local GEA office for additional information.

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