Audits and compliance

Auditing and compliance services for industrial heating & refrigeration

GEA provides a range of services to support customers to ensure their equipment is operating efficiently and safely while satisfying regulatory requirements.

gea service specialist auditing an industrial refrigeration installation for compliance at a proce

The safety of customers is of paramount importance and serves as a key focus in GEA’s comprehensive auditing and compliance services, which include the following: 

Safety and Alarm System Testing

Safety inspections include testing of emergency stops, mechanical ventilation, rotating machinery and isolation valves in accordance with local regulatory requirements. On-site ammonia safety procedures are a high-priority item for operators utilizing ammonia as a refrigerant. GEA will apply its extensive experience in this area by providing guidance on all aspects relating to ammonia safety to ensure the safest environment possible for all personnel.

Operational Pressure Safety Checks

Regular safety inspections to any installation or plant in accordance with relevant pressure safety regulations.

gea service technician inspecting a pressure vessel in an industrial refrigeration facility

GEA service specialist inspecting a pressure vessel.

Operational Electrical Safety Checks

Regular electrical safety inspections of the electrical installation and the control system in accordance with relevant electrical safety regulations.

Legionella & Water Treatment Inspection

Periodic checks for the presence and concentration of legionella bacteria in the water within your cooling towers or evaporative condensers. Includes checking for correct operation of water treatment equipment.

uniformed gea service specialist climbing ladder outdoors to inspect industrial condenser units

Refrigerant Leak Testing

Performed in accordance with either F-Gas or other local regulations.

Energy and Reliability Audit

On-site audit by GEA experts to assess plant operation from an energy-usage and reliability perspective. Provision of full report with recommendations and solutions for improving plant performance with a focus on energy saving and improving reliability.

Contact us to discuss your site’s challenges and how GEA can assist in meeting your audit & compliance needs.  

Certain products and services may not be available in all areas. 
Please contact your local GEA office for additional information.

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