Fuel Conditioning for Diesel Engines ViscoBoosterUnit


Not all fuel oils are the same. Problems can occur with heavy fuel oil in particular because its viscosity does not meet the demands of the diesel engines used. What is more, however, its operating temperature and pressure should also correspond as precisely as possible to the specifications of the engine manufacturer. In the ViscoBoosterUnit, GEA has developed a system which conditions the different fuels perfectly for the diesel engine.

Efficient solutions at the best conditions

The Visco BoosterUnit (VBU) is installed between the fuel oil tank and the engine to be supplied. A fully automatic control allows the viscosity, temperature and pressure of the oil to be adapted exactly to the specifications of the engine manufacturer. As a result, different qualities of oil no longer have a negative impact on the engine. Regardless of what oil is used as a fuel, the engine always runs smoothly because the VBU conditions the fuel to make it compatible with the engine.

Fulfills all requirements

Depending on the engine manufacturer, different variants are required for the integration of the ViscoBoosterUnit.

GEA has responded by offering a variety of system solutions. Whether with or without stand-by function for feeder pumps, booster pumps and heavy fuel oil preheaters, or for one or more engines – you will always find a solution that meets your needs and expectations. Naturally, all systems are compact, lightweight, reliable, easy to install and simple to maintain with all main components operating at optimum performance.



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