Vertical Super Pump

The Super Pump is built with the same high quality construction as the Agi-Pompe and is the right choice to homogenize and transfer dairy liquid manure and hog slurry that may contain limited chopped bedding and minimal water with bottom sediments.

The Super Pump is available in two versions : 6" (152 mm) – 540 and 1000 RPM and 8" (200 mm) – 1000 RPM only.

Vertical Super Pump

Because manure storages pits varied in types and sizes, GEA has extended the strength and power of the Super Pump in six different configurations.

  • Stationnary
  • On trailer
  • With a tilting 3-point hitch
  • With a 3-point hitch for aboveground tank
  • On trailer for aboveground tank

Key features

  • Oil cooler
  • Rotating valve that can be operated while the pump is at low RPM with a visual indicator rod allowing you to know if the pump is working in agitation or loading mode.
  • Easy access for maintenance of the lower driveline joint.
  • 20" (508 mm) impeller featuring self-cleaning blades, reversible knives at the intake and abrasive resistant steel housing/bottom plate.
  • Hydraulic controls or optional speed reducer to easily change the direction of the nozzle.
  • Remote grease line kit. To lubricate the bearing housing without removing the pump.
  • Impeller housing made of Abrasion Resistant steel.
  • The HE Series 17" (432 mm) impeller for the 20" (508 mm) housing is standard only for qualified Vertical Super Pump.


  • Super Pump with electric motor for operating where space does not allow a tractor.
  • Additional bottom nozzle, to keep bottom sediments in suspension. 220° horizontal rotation.

Agitation Nozzle

  • High velocity agitation nozzle.
  • Ball-and-socket joint with a stainless steel ball and urethane gasket for reliable and long lasting operation.
  • 4" (76 to 102 mm) adjustable opening for maximum HP efficiency.
  • Anti-swirl device for maximum velocity and precision.
  • 200° horizontal rotation and 60° vertical articulation.
  • Also available with speed reducer to easily change the direction of the nozzle and hydraulic height adjustment.

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