Safety Valves Vacuum Valve VARIVENT®, Type V

VARIVENT® vacuum valves are designed to hygienically protect tanks against vacuums. A protection is already ensured when a vacuum surpasses -2.5 mbar. To minimize the cleaning effort and to protect the valve disc against conglutination, the seat ring is non-stick coated. All used elastomer seals are FDA compliant. VARIVENT® vacuum valves only require a fast response time when vacuum conditions occur. Additionally they have a safe sealing at overpressure conditions.

Special Features

  • Optimized protection against pollutant particles
  • Ideal combination with the VARITOP® Tank Safety System
  • Fast response time
  • Additional equipment

Picture (left): The valve housing is connected with a tank system. The valve disc is closed. The coloring in the housing shows the vacuum. 

Picture (right): The valve disc gets lifted by the vacuum, air flows without any pollutant particles into the system

Function of the Valve

The hydraulic sizing of vacuum valves is always based on free emptying. Vacuum protection while hot or cold cleaning is not considered.

If a vacuum occurs in the tank system, the valve disc gets lifted by the vacuum. The incoming air flows through the valve from bottom to top. This offers an optimized protection against contamination caused by ingress of pollutant particles. The valve is self drained designed.

The function of the VARIVENT® vacuum valve can optionally be extended with a proximity switch feedback, a pneumatic lifting actuator and a heater. 


Application Examples

VARIVENT® vacuum valves are mostly used in combination with VARITOP® Tank Safety System. This makes the brewery industry as main application area. 

The optional heater ensures full functionality also below the freezing point, which enables a carefree outdoor application. Just a protection against weather is necessary.


Heating of a vacuum valve is recommended, when temperatures could reach the freezing point. It ensures that the valve disc will not freeze to the valve seat. 

Voltage: 24 V AC, Power: 20 W

Pneumatic Lifting Actuator (type A)
The pneumatic lifting actuator lifts the valve disc during the tank CIP to additionally clean the valve seat. So besides the valve housing the seat and gasket surfaces get cleaned as well. The pneumatic lifting actuator can also be installed afterwards. 

Feedback (type E)
The proximity switch detects the valve position normally closed. As soon as the valve disk leaves the non-actuated position the switching contact is interrupted.

Two types of proximity switches are available
Proximity switch 24 V DC M18x1 for type E
2-wire connection
3-wire connection

Pneumatic Lifting Actuator and Feedback (type R)
Type R combines the pneumatic lifting actuator type A and the proximity switch type E. Function and application see type A and type E. 


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Vacuum Valve VARIVENT®, Type V

Please refer to the catalog for more information.

Technical Data of the Standard Version
Material in contact with the product1.4404 / AISI 304
Material not in contact with the product1.4301 / AISI 304
Seal material in contact with the productEPDM, FKM , HNBR
Ambient temperature0 to 45°C
Air supply pressureMin. 4 bar (58 psi)
Max. 8 bar (116 psi)
Product pressureMax. 6 bar (87 psi)
Surface in contact with the productDN, OD Ra ≤ 0,8 μm
IPS Ra ≤ 1,2 μm
External housing surfaceMatte blasted
Actuator typePneumatic actuator air / spring
Connection fittingsWelding end
IdentificationAdhesive ID tag


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