Sampling Valves Sampling Valve VARIVENT® IT

The sampling valve VARIVENT® Type IT is used for drawing small samples of liquids and viscous media. Manual or pneumatic actuation is combined in the actuator. Different interfaces ensure a wide application range


Various types of connection nozzles are available for a safe and no loss discharge of the sample volume into the sample receptacles. Spiral flame nozzles are used for liquids containing CO2 and other medium tending to foam.

  • Hose nozzle
  • Flame nozzle straight
  • Flame nozzle 90°
  • Interfaces for Luer connector and Keofitt and Schütt accessories 
Technical Data
SizeDN 10 up to 150
1" up to 6" OD
2" up to 6" IPS
Weightapp. 1 kg
Material of productstainless steel 1.4404 / AISI 316L
Contact partsCheck corrosion resistance with respect to media and detergents
Installation positionupright
Ambient temperature0 up to 45 °C, standard
Product temperature and operating temperaturedepending on the sealing material
Product pressuremax. 10 bar, standard
Air requirement13,1 cm3/stroke