VARITUBE® Single & Multitube Heat Exchanger Series VARITUBE® Tubular Heat Exchangers

The VARITUBE® tubular heat exchanger is specifically designed for the thermal treatment of low to high-viscosity products as well as products containing particles, pulp and fibres.

VARTUBE® tubular heat exchangers are mainly used for heating, cooling or aseptic processes. The most appropriate design can be selected from numerous versions of our VARITUBE® heat exchangers depending on the required production capacity and the physical properties of the product. Customized designs can also be developed and installed to suit each application. Our VARITUBE® range is used for many products that need to be heated, cooled, pasteurized and UHT treated.

Technical concept

The VARITUBE® tubular heat exchanger is a straight tube heat exchanger with one or more inner tubes situated in a shell. The inner tubes can either be plain or corrugated. Corrugation, and the optimized product/media volume ratio, increases the thermal efficiency of our heat exchangers.

Their modular design allows for easy installation, extension or modification. VARITUBE® modules are TÜV-approved and manufactured from 1.4571 (AISI 316 Ti) material. A sanitary O-ring sealing system and product flow paths without 'dead zones', ensure highest production reliability and product quality.



VARITUBE® SK – is a specially designed flow device that keeps the heat exchanger free from deposits – it processes products containing fibres with a length of up to 30 mm, and to enable an even distribution of the product to all tubes.  This heat exchanger is available in

  • M version (VARITUBE® M-SK) and in a
  • P version (VARITUBE® P-SK)


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Single Tube Tubular Heat Exchangers

Using tried and test technology, the VARITUBE® tubular heat exchanger series is available for a range of applications.

VARITUBE® S - Single Tube

VARITUBE P Singletube Tubular Heat Exchanger

VARITUBE® S is a single tube heat exchanger for indirect heat treatment of products containing pieces. Product recovery is possible using pigging technology. It is a tubular heat exchanger in which the product flows in one straight inner tube, while a heat-carrying medium flows around it in an external shell. The inner tube is mounted in a fixed or floating manner to compensate for the differences between shell and inner tube.


VARITUBE® P - Single Tube

VARITUBE® P is used for direct product/product heat recovery with smooth, fiber-containing and viscous products. In this tubular heat exchanger the product is guided through several straight inner tubes surrounded by the same product, which flows in a counter-current direction in the shell. The inner tubes are mounted in a floating manner and can be removed as a complete bundle for inspecting the product flow path.


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VARITUBE® E - Multitube

VARITUBE® E is the universal heat exchanger within this product series.  A tubular heat exchanger which guides the product through several straight inner tubes surrounded by a service medium in a shell. The “floating” design of the inner bundle compensates for the different thermal expansion between shell and inner tube bundle caused by high temperature differences. 

The intermediate flange on the dynamically sealed side has a radially positioned leakage “tell pipe” to ensure that any leakages on the product or shell side can easily be detected. The inner bundle can be removed for inspection purposes.

VARITUBE® HS - Multitube

VARITUBE HS Multitube Tubular Heat Exchanger, top view

VARITUBE® HS Multitube is suitable mainly for hot water generation and hating of CIP media for high thermal performance and volume flow rates up to 60 m³/h. This tubular heat exchanger features product guiding in several inner tubes which are bent around 180°.

The heat-carrying medium flows in the surrounding shell. This design allows for compensation of the different thermal expansions between inner bundle and shell, which could be caused by high temperature differences.


VARITUBE® M - Multitube

VARITUBE® M is a multi-tube heat exchanger with indirect heat exchange. This tubular heat exchangers is especially designed for products containing particles of approximately 18 mm diameter. The product flows in several straight inner tubes while a heat-carrying medium flows around it in a shell. The inner tube is mounted in a fixed or floating manner to compensate for the differences between shell and inner tube.

The bundle inside could be fixed or removable. We offer length of 3 or 6m.


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