Visual Inspection Systems

Visual Inspection System for Tablets

The Viswill TVIS-NSE is a fully automatic system for outer-appearance inspection and sorting of tablets.

Viswill TVIS-NSE

The TVIS-NSE is an automated video inspection system designed and built by market-leading Daiichi Group company Viswill specifically with European manufacturing facilities in mind. It is a high-performance machine, in terms of both accuracy and throughput. It is suitable for the inspection of uncoated, film-coated and sugar-coated tablets, as well as tablets with printed marks and engraved marks.

Innovations for faster and more accurate inspection

The TVIS-NSE benefits from the new disc track rotary system for tablet feeding. This new feature enables exceptionally stable tablet transfer and brings about a significant increase in inspection speed, with speeds up to 50% higher for round tablets and up to 80% higher for shaped tablets.

In addition to this equipment design innovation, laser technology has been introduced to improve the inspection performance of the TVIS-NSE. The laser allows taking accurate and stable 3D images of embossed tablets. Compared to the conventional direct-lighting technology widely applied on other inspection systems, the 3D laser provides clearer and sharper images of any embossing and 3D defects, cutting out the unwanted noise caused by the reflection of light on the surface and edges of the tablet. The combination of this 3D laser technology with newly developed algorithms, enabling inspection of each character separately, results in high-precision tablet inspection, excellent yield and unparalleled repeatability, without the number of algorithms used or the defects to be detected limiting the throughput capability of the inspection equipment.

Features and Benefits

  • Capacity: up to 300.000 tab/hour (actual value; diam 6mm). 
  • Inspection accuracy: detection of defects or specks as small as 50µm2.
  • Items detected: dirt, scratches, foreign particles, cracks, chips, color deviations etc.
  • The standard NSE unit has a total of four cameras for face, side and 3D inspection. 
  • The NSE is simple to operate, with its easy parameter setting function and automatic setting for all volumes.
  • The cameras and optical units are completely separated from the tablet transfer / throughput areas to minimize cleaning and maintenance requirements.

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