Tablet Coaters

Presenting a paradigm shift in tablet coating, this new type of coater subjects tablets to a cascading tablet movement that enables greater fluid application rates (higher coating build-rates) than traditional coating pans.

In addition, it is PAT compatible, efficient – warm up and drying times are faster than conventional coaters – and reliable, delivering a consistent, homogenous and even tablet weight gain and coating distribution. And, because the coater operates at higher speeds and temperatures than other products on the market, higher spray rates and improved tablet mixing can be achieved, expanding its application potential to polymer coatings and beyond what is currently possible. It can even be used to dedust tablet cores prior to coating.

With more tablet movement within the coating barrel, the revolutionary design and the application of enhanced process conditions, the small-volume ConsiGma™ coater concentrates the tablet coating process, enabling faster throughput, time and cost savings, increased efficiency and a higher quality finished product, all of which are fundamental aspects of the drive towards continuous processing.

GEA also has a range of traditional fluid bed tablet coaters.


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