MODUL™ Tablet Presses

MODUL S Tablet Press

Compression with ECM technology for high throughput and fast changeover applications.

Today's pharmaceutical industry is facing two major challenges. On the one hand, the production cost per tablet needs to be reduced to the absolute minimum, without compromising quality. On the other hand, the operator needs to be protected from increasingly potent drugs. Uniting exceptional productivity and practical at-the-source containment in one revolutionary concept, the MODUL S with ECM technology solves both these issues.

The ECM Concept

The revolutionary MODUL rotary tablet press has an Exchangeable Compression Module (ECM), which allows full change-over in as little as 30 minutes. All product contact parts are contained in an ISOLATED DUST-TIGHT module, which can be disconnected and removed from the machine in a contained manner, leaving the tablet press itself powder-free. A second isolated module, cleaned and prepared off-line, can now be installed and the machine is ready to produce the next batch.  

Dual Control for Flexibility and Performance

The MODUL S is the high output version of the MODUL P. It is a larger, heavier machine that benefits from the Standard Dual Control system that allows tablet weight, hardness and dwell times to be controlled to meet operational requirements. The larger turret on the MODUL S also provides a longer feeder length to achieve optimal residence times during die filling, especially for products that do not flow well. This helps to reduce capping at very high throughput levels.


MODUL™ S tablet press

  • Standard ECM or Wash-off-Line ECM
  • Tablet weight and hardness control
  • High sensitivity weight control for small tablets and those requiring low compression forces
  • Latest HMI for complete process control, including peripherals, for lights-out operation.


  • Fast product changeover, improved productivity, cross-contamination prevention and a safe working environment
  • High throughput of up to 374.000 tablets/h
  • Reduced risk of capping and lamination
  • Extended dwell time at pre-compression.

Technical Specifications

The MODUL S is available for the following types of tooling:

Max. tablet diameter [mm]3525,416 (L=19)13 (L=14,3)11
Punch body diameter [mm]3525,4191919
Outside die diameter [mm]5238,130,162422
Die height [mm]3023,8122,2222,2222,22
Number of stations2331384650
Max. fill depth [mm]20 (25)20191919
Top punch penetration [mm]1 to 4
Max. pre-compression force [kN]10
Max. compression force [kN]100
Max. output capacity [tab/h]118.000186.000274.000331.000374.000
Electrical requirements3phase+PE – 380 / 400 / 415 / 460 / 480 V – 50Hz / 60Hz 
(nominal consumption 12 kW; power installed 15,5 kVA)
Compressed air requirementsclean & dry / 7-8 bar / 500l/m
Dust extraction requirements150 m³/h at 15 mbar
Machine dimensions & weightW = 1.260 mm x D = 1.300 mm x H = 2.200 mm – 4.100 kg

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