Pharma Tablet Presses

Manual to automatic rotary tablet press for research, pilot-scale and full production, presses for normal, clean-room, contained and highly contained environments and presses for the production of single and bi-layer tablets.

Tablet Compression

With 100 years of compression experience, GEA supplies both manual and automatic rotary tablet presses for research, pilot-scale and full-scale production, presses for normal, cleanroom, contained and highly contained environments, and presses for the production of single- and bilayer tablets.

The Right Press for Your Application

The PERFORMA is derived from the well-known MODUL machines, with the PERFORMA P featuring the novel, exclusive Exchangeable Die Disc (EDD) technology (patent pending). The PERFORMA is ideally suited for long campaigns and large batches. Therefore, it is the perfect complement to the MODUL presses, which are the choice solution for small batch/frequent product changeover tableting facilities. 

Contained Compression

The MODUL range perfectly illustrates GEA's status as the most innovative tablet press manufacturer in the world. All MODUL rotary tablet presses are based on the revolutionary Exchangeable Compression Module (ECM) concept. The ECM is completely isolated from the remainder of the machine, contains all product contact parts and can easily be removed from the press in a contained way. This means that the press itself remains powder-free and requires no cleaning.

Research and Development

Featuring the innovative Exchangeable Die Disc (EDD), the PERFORMA P is a flexible tablet press for small- to medium-scale production. The PERFORMA P benefits from an easily removable turret, including punches and dies, which can be replaced with a duplicate turret in less than 30 minutes. Alternatively, the turret removal arm can be used to lift out the upper punch guide, enabling the manual removal of the lightweight EDD holding the dies; a duplicate disc can then replace the EDD, with the entire exchange procedure taking less than 30 minutes. 

In addition, the small-scale MODUL P tablet press is the most versatile and powerful tablet compression machine for development and clinical trial production work.


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