ConsiGma® Granulation and Compression (GC) Lines

Highly integrated solutions for continuous wet granulation, drying and tablet compression, the ConsiGma® GC lines offer all the advantages of continuous manufacturing: supply chain agility, small footprint, controlled granulation and improved quality.

ConsiGma® GC Lines integrate continuous wet granulation, fluid bed drying and tablet compression into one efficient continuous production system.

Available in 3 standard sizes, depending on the desired throughput (from 5 to 120 kg/h or 20,000 to 180,000 tablets/h to be verified by testing), the systems can be customized with a number of options to suit customer needs.

The Conductor 4.0 software ensures seamless control of the entire process and provides full reporting and track & trace.

Mainly targeted towards high value products (low dose API), orphan drugs and new chemical entities, the systems can be equipped with cleaning and containment features to handle highly potent formulations.

Standard Configuration

  • 1 loss-in-weight feeder for formulation pre-mix
  • Twin-screw granulator
  • Segmented fluid bed dryer
  • Granule conditioning unit
  • GEA compression system

Available Options

  • Dosing and blending unit for preparing the formulation pre-mix
  • Melt granulation set-up
  • Solvent capable
  • PSR
  • PAT tools
  • Cleaning upgrade
  • Containment upgrade
  • Material handling system including containment features
  • TC coater modules

Main Benefits

  • Controlled granulation
    • Better distribution of granulation binder
    • Porosity control of the granules  
    • Control of granule particle size distribution
  • Small amount of product in process (minimal amount of API at risk of OOS)
  • Elimination of work-in-progress
  • Increased flexibility from very low to very high API content 
  • Use of solvent-free binders
  • Compatible with variable throughput capacities
  • Flexible batch size
  • Smaller footprint

Read more about how GEA and its partners are implementing this technology to lead the way toward smaller, more flexible, continuous processing technologies that are transforming the future of pharmaceutical development and manufacturing.

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