Continuous Direct Compression Line

The ConsiGma® DC for direct compression is the latest expansion of GEA's continuous portfolio for cost effective, compact, high yield manufacturing systems. It offers a robust and flexible manufacturing method for a wide range of products.

Continuous Direct Compression

An integral part of the GEA portfolio of cost-effective, compact, high yield production lines, ConsiGma® CDC offers a robust and flexible manufacturing method for a wide range of solid dosage products.

ConsiGma™ CDC

As excipient suppliers develop better raw materials with improved compression characteristics and co-processed materials designed for direct compression, GEA provides the advances in manufacturing equipment. ConsiGma® CDC is a complete tablet production facility with embedded quality control in one machine. It combines all the manufacturing steps — from dispensing to compression — into a single GMP system; it eliminates blended material segregation issues caused by handling and storage; and includes GEA’s unique extended dwell compression to direct compress a wider range of formulations.

This smart R&D and industrial-scale system combines accurate feeding, continuous blending, integrated compression technology with an air compensator for extended and controlled dwell times and the online measurement of critical quality attributes (CQAs), minimizing tablet variability. With no need for a separate dispensing area, blending area or intermediate storage, the closed coupling of feeding, blending and compression eliminates any segregation concerns. The ConsiGma® CDC represents cost-effective tablet production in a single integrated system.

Four Innovations in One

CDC offers four integrated innovations in one solution: feeding, blending, PAT and compression. Offering space and cost reductions, four innovations in one, built in quality assurance and integrated controls, the ConsiGma® CDC is a PAT-compatible (Lighthouse Probe), game-changing continuous direct compression solution with a closed-loop control system. In a growing market, the pacemaking and profit generating potential is huge: CDC will have a substantial impact on sales and EBIT.

And, with FDA already promoting continuous processing, your clients are waiting. The opportunities are already there. The time is right, the market is prepared and, with the ConsiGma® CDC, you’ll be able to supply exactly what they need.


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