Scrubber Technology Special purpose gas scrubber systems

Gas scrubbing plants for process and environmental technology.

We specialize in jet and Venturi scrubbers which are used with a high success rate in the field of process and environmental technology for cleaning and de-dusting discharge air, absorbing noxious gaseous substances, separating aerosols and cooling gases.

We offer special purpose gas scrubber systems for various applications.

Capacity ranges from 0.05 m³/h up to approx. 200,000 m³/h gas throughput with exhaust gas temperatures of up to 1,300 °C. 

Jet scrubbers are particularly suitable for use with explosive gas mixtures and heavily dust-laden and highly corrosive gases.

They can also be conveniently installed into existing plants at a later date.

We have developed gas scrubbers in compact design for gas quantities of up to 2,000 m³/h.



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