Centrifuge Solid-wall bowl separators for Power Plants

Manual cleaning separators with solid-wall bowl and single centripetal pumps are today mostly used for the treatment of lube and turbine oil in power plant applications. They are suitable for clarifying or purifying oils with a low solids content of up to 0.01 percent by vol.

During operation, the turbine lube oils are subject to continuous contamination. Fine metal particles from rotating or sliding parts as well as dust, condensate and decomposition products deposit in the lube oil sump. Furthermore, lube oils can be contaminated with acids, causing aging of the oil when reacting with impurities.

Besides removing the contaminants resulting from metal abrasion, it is also essential to completely separate out the water which has penetrated into the lube oil system to inhibit premature aging of the oil.

Purification and dewatering with centrifugal separators offers an efficient and economical solution for this application.


Key benefits:

  • Efficient separation of solid and liquid impurities
  • Substantial improvement in the useful life of the lube oil
  • Considerable savings in lube oil costs
  • Lower disposal costs
  • Low wear on the bearings
  • No undesirable stoppages



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