Centrifuge Solid-Wall Bowl Separators for Milk & Whey


This belt-driven solid-wall bowl separator has been designed for milk or whey skimming and milk standardizing. The product feed and discharges have been designed especially for food. The separated solids are removed manually.

Standard scope of supply

Commissioning spare parts
Lubricants and gaskets for commissioning

  • Set of bowl top gaskets
  • Flat belt
  • Initial filling of lubrication oil

Special tools
Set of special tools for dismantling and assembling of the machine.


Base frame 
Base frame, mild steel, varnished to be integrated in the floor structure.

Spare parts 

  • Set of spare parts for discharge housing, hood and bowl
  • Set of spare parts for drive



Set of manual valves and indicating instruments for the adjustment of feed, skim milk discharge pressure and cream flow as well as the continuous standardizing of milk and cream fat content. Milk cleaning (complete re-blending) and full skimming are possible as well.

Control system 
Manual motor starter


Skimming: 600 l/h - 10,000 l/h
Standardizing: 600 l/h - 12,500 l/h


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