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GEA MegaSlicer L

The GEA MegaSlicer L is a high-performance slicing machine - mainly for cooked ham and calibrated products - with respect to slicing quality, high yield, easy and flexible operation in combination with a very high hygienic execution.

High efficiency

The GEA MegaSlicer is one of the most versatile and capable slicing machines on the market today for sausage, raw or cooked ham, bacon and cheese. The machine setup allows either manual or automatic product loading. The circular blade technology can be used for a very wide range of products and applications. Portions, with consistent slice thickness, even with soft products such as boiled sausage. The patented idle cut rotor virtually eliminates sliver slices while helping to achieve a high level of ‘on-weight’.

Main applications

The GEA MegaSlicer L is designed for regular-shaped products such as calibrated sausage, salami, cooked ham, raw ham and cheese. Different portion forms possible: shingle, stack, zig-zag stack, shaved, contour shingle, folded, chunks and interleaved (depends on application).

Slicing reliability you can count on

  • Proven expertise in slicing, loading & packaging
  • Great know-how and complete portfolio to supply complete lines
  • High flexibility, easy operation, reliable service and maintenance support

Flexibility in slicing you need

  • Fast changeover of gripper, blade and recipe
  • Wide variety of applications such as calibrated sausage, salami, cooked ham, raw ham and cheese
  • Auxiliary modules make the GEA MegaSlicer a specialist in every product segment
  • Line compatibility: the GEA MegaSlicer is optimally suited for integration into fully automated lines

Slicer is easy to operate and maintain

  • Visualisation on 15" touch panel
  • Clean and simple machine concept
  • Very good machine access from both sides for application change and cleaning 
  • Fast and easy changeover of GEA slicer blade and shear edge 


GEA Circular Blade Technology
Slicing blade

Circular blade technology, with servo-driven feeding, achieves consistent slice thickness; accurate, repeatable portion control; and minimum wastage from trim cuts and end pieces. The wide throatallows multiple logs to be sliced at the same time giving a high throughput with a small footprint.

Idle Cut Technology
GEA DualSlicer II blade changeover

A blade movement without slicing the product. Conventional technology is to stop and retract the product. For high slicing speeds and involute blades, this technology is no longer working without the undesired effect of sliver slices. The patented idle cut rotor moves away the blade from the product, which helps to avoid sliver slices almost completely and to achieve very consistent slice thickness within a portion.

Technical details
Product SpecificationsGEA MegaSlicer L
Type of bladeCircular blade
Blade sizesØ 440; Ø 460; Ø 480 mm
Max. blade speed600 rpm (750 rpm)*
Cutting cross-section*
Width59 - 417 mm
Height150 - 93 mm**
Max. product length1,200/ 1,850 mm*
Machine dimensions L x H x W product length: 1,200 mm3,920 x 2,410 x 1,200 mm
Machine dimensions L x H x W product length: 1,850 mm5,225 x 2740 x 1,200 mm
Product loadingManual/ Automatic
GEA Check 4000Option, up to 4 lanes
GEA OptiScannerOption
InterleaverOption, up to 3 lanes
Folding UnitOption
Cross-shingle conveyorOption
Contour portioning conveyorOption
Telemonitoring/ Remote servicesOption, GEA Performance Service

* Depends on machine configuration, product features and application. 

** Possible with blade sizes of Ø 460; Ø 480 mm

Power supply (max.): 15.5 kW; compressed air in accordance with 7:4:4-ISO8573-1: 6 bar 15NI/min. Noise emission in accordance with EN ISO 11204: < 75 dB (A)


Options GEA MegaSlicer L
Weighing system GEA Check 4000
Weighing system GEA Check 4000

The GEA Check 4000 is a high precision weighing system, detecting single weights of sliced portions while moving these over the check weigher. The single portion weights are analyzed in the slicer for weight regulation. Thus, the slicer is able to respond to varying product cross sections and optimize the deviation in average weights over a long period of production time. All side panels can be removed swiftly without tools for cleaning and maintenance. The weighing conveyors can be swiveled upwards for easy removal of belts for cleaning issues. The GEA Check 4000 is available from 1- up to 4-lane configuration. The weighing system is calibrated for loads between 20 and 5,000 g.

Scanning system GEA OptiScanner 600 / 1200

The GEA OptiScanner 600 / 1200 is a pre-scanner system that makes it possible to slice natural products like dry cured ham and cheese with lowest give-away, maximum yield and on-weight portions. The scanner literally looks into the product and determines the density distribution over the length of the product by means of x-ray technology. In this process, the device detects irregular outer contours as well as holes, under slices and irregular distribution of fat and meat. Based on the density distribution, the intelligent software calculates the ideal slice thickness and/or number of slices for each portion prior to slicing. 

GEA Interleaver
Scanning system GEA OptiScanner 600 / 1200

The GEA Interleaver allows interleaving film or paper in-between slices of several applications. Either cheese or expensive products can be interleaved for a nice appearance in the package. High production reliability and efficiency are guaranteed. Easy access to interleaver paper without machine/ rotor stop is possible at any time,as well as quick fixation of film/ paper jams.

GEA Folding Device
GEA DualSlicer folding device

For folding portions, GEA has a folding device, which is located in the slicing area and adjustable in three directions. The slice falls onto the device and by use of rollers and the kinetic energy of the slide it is folded and positioned onto the portioning conveyor. This option is available for all GEA slicer types.

GEA Cross-Shingle/ XY-conveyor
MegaSlicer Shingle Conveyor

Different, multi-dimensional product forms can be formed with the help of the cross-shingle/ XY-conveyor as a specific form of the portioning conveyor. By lateral movements of the portioning area, various portion patterns, such as overlapping cross-shingles, can be produced with the cross-shingle conveyor. Circles, overlapping cross-singles and meanders are portion shapes that can be easily produced with the XY-conveyor moving sideways, forwards and backwards.

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