Separators for Oil & Gas

Oil and gas production installations have to meet their quotas 24 hours a day. Drilling rigs and production installations in ice-cold Siberia are subject to background and process conditions which are fundamentally different to those encountered in installations in extremely hot desert regions or FPSOs on the world’s oceans. Whatever the conditions or location – the overriding priority has been unchanged for years: The machines have to run. 24 hours a day.

Centrifuges from GEA provide reliability in every respect. For many decades, they have had a fixed place in the oil field industry and are known for the reliability and precision with which they do their job.

Separating oil and water phases, purifying emulsions, removing cat fines: the requirements and procedures for processing crude oil, slop oil and other solid-liquid mixtures are fundamentally different. In all applications, the separating and process technology of GEA is the first choice – and is used throughout the world. On drilling platforms and FPSOs in the Atlantic as well as in the oil sand mines in Canada, and for refineries throughout the world.

With the experience gained in around 3000 process engineering applications, GEA has expertise in complex separating and clarifying processes for processing viscous, diluted and heavily contaminated media. Our highly specialized high-speed centrifuges with throughput capacities of up to 80 m³ / h are used in various applications, e.g. dewatering and desalinating heavy crude oil, processing contaminated drilling suspensions and sludges or de-oiling bilge, drain and produced water before it can be recycled back into the sensitive ocean.

Our Oil & Gas separators come in gas-tight design with nitrogen blanketing for reliable explosion protection (ATEX), for maximum protection and uptime of our separators we have the know how to use duplex/ super duplex steel as bowl material. Constant movements on platforms are compensated so that the centrifuges are perfect for onshore as well as offshore installation. 

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Features & Benefits

  • Maximum g-force
  • Maximum separating efficiency
  • Particularly robust and durable
  • Maximum cost-effectiveness throughout the entire life cycle
  • Materials highly resistant to corrosion and erosion
  • Explosion-proof design
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Suitable for unsupervised fully automatic and
  • self-monitoring operation
  • Minimum space requirements and weight
  • Ready-to-connect process lines and treatment systems