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VARIVENT® Overflow valve

Overflow Valves Type Q series VARIVENT® are generally used as pressure relief valves in pipelines, preferably for positive displacement pumps.

Overflow valve Q
The development of the type D-Force avoids dead ends and unwanted product mix-up areas while providing a clean and hygienic production environment. The present series of overflow valves type Q is now available with a second actuator to support the spring force to close at a higher pressure than the adjusted set pressure by external air support. This is required in almost every product line, in which carbonated drinks are chased by water or vice versa to prevent the product from degassing and foam formation in the pipe, as in every beer filter line and racking line.

Technical data


  • Product wetted parts 1.4404/316L
  • Actuator 1.4301/304
  • Static seals EPDM
    (others on request)


  • Drain valve
  • By-pass valve at positive displacement pumps
  • Air exhaust valve 

Advantages of the VARIVENT® D-Force Q valve

  • Reduced investment costs
  • Reduced maintenance cost
    (one valve instead of two)
  • Hygienic design
  • Proven VARIVENT® design

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