Special valves & tank safety systems

VARITOP® Tank safety systems

The tank safety system VARITOP® is a modular system based on standardized components. VARITOP® is used for tank cleaning, to protect tanks against inadmissible overpressure and vacuum and for controlled gassing and degassing. Every customer can select alternative functional components. In addition, the configuration can be designed largely individually. The result is a functional unit adapted to customer desires.


The securing of the tanks against overpressure happens via VARIVENT® safety valves and VARIVENT® vacuum valves against vacuum. 

Via only one central connection will gas and CIP paths switched. The CIP / gas management can be done by an automatic switchover module (no extra power supply required) or by a butterfly valve combination. The cleaning medium is guided through the CIP supply pipe to the cleaning lance or jet cleaner into the tank. If no cleaning process takes place, the gassing and degassing is ensured by a bypass on the cross piece and the switch module.

The tank safety system VARITOP® can be placed on a central connection or a tank plate. The interface is always the proven VARIVENT® flange connection on the cross piece.

General Benefits

  • Modular system
  • Protection against overpressure
  • Protection against vacuum
  • Reproducible cleaning results
  • Reliability in fully automated processes

Application Examples

Tank Safety System VARITOP® Type TTB 11D

Tank Safety System VARITOP® Type TTB 11D

VARITOP® tank safety systems are widely used in the brewing industry. A typical application is the protection of tanks in the fermentation and storage area. The pressure regulation in the headspace of the tank during fermentation and storage can be done via the VARITOP®. At the same time VARITOP® system secures the tank against over and under pressure during filling and emptying.

The optional heating of the vacuum valve as well as the safety valve allows the use of VARITOP® outdoors. Prerequisite is a reasonable protection against weathering (e.g. housing).

CIP & Gas

CIP & Gas Management
Butterfly valve with switching combination

Butterfly valve with switching combination

The CIP/Gas Management takes place without power supply via a switch module or with power supply via a butterfly valve combination.
Automatic switch module (without power supply)

In idle position of the tank, the switch module keeps the path for tank gassing and degassing open. The path to the cleaning device is always opened. 

During CIP supply to the cleaning lance the switch module is switching automatically as of 10 m3/h. The rotating jet cleaner is an exception: The switch module closes here at 8 m3/h. With the closing of the switch module the path for tank gassing and degassing is closed. 

The switch module is self-cleaning.

Butterfly valve combination (with power supply)

In idle position of the tank, the switch module keeps the path for tank gassing and degassing open. The path to the cleaning device is closed. Pneumatic path switching is provided. The path to the cleaning device is then opened and the gassing/ degassing path closed. The switch module is designed for higher gas rates.

Cleaning Process

Cleaning of Valves
Internal cleaning

Internal cleaning

In the central connection the safety and vacuum valve is cleaned by the cleaning lance or the jet cleaner. The cleaning medium is sprayed by nozzles in the lance to the valve seats. To ensure that the valve seats as well as the housing be cleaned, the valve plate can be lifted (optional). In the tank dome cover version the safety valve is standing mounted on the tank plate. The valve is cleaned by a separate cleaning module, which is mounted between the tank plate and the safety valve.
Internal Cleaning

The tank cleaning can be done via a cleaning lance or jet cleaner. By using of a cleaning lance several cleaners can be foreseen. E.g. spray balls, orbital or rotating cleaner.

Jet Cleaners
VARITOP Tank Safety System Jet Cleaner

At the proven cleaning principle of the jet cleaner the optimum cleaning result is achieved by slowly rotating, powerful surface radiation.

Protection Systems

In the beverage production most different process conditions are prevailing. Our VARITOP Tanktop systems exclusively use modern vacuum valves and spring-loaded safety valves to protect your tanks from over- or underpressure.They are type-tested for fluids and/or steam / gas or subjected to special approval from ASME, TÜV, CRN and others.

Reliable tank protection by modern safety valves. The installation position of safety valves may be vertical or horizontal so that they perfectly fit into the given place of installation. As a matter of principle the set response pressure is lead-sealed. Optional equipment and connection fittings are available such as CIP module, pneumatic lifting actuator and feedback of the valve position. If vacuum occurs in the tank without protection, the tank or the product may get damaged or in less serious cases, the product may degas and get damaged. Response behaviour as of 2,5 mbar and tightness in case of minimum overpressure.

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