Single-seat Valves

ECOVENT® Shut-off valves

ECOVENT® single-seat valves are used for simple shut-off in hygienic applications. The valves are characterized by their ease of operation and flexibility.


In the simple shut-off, there is only one seal in the one piece valve disc separating the pipelines from one another. This means liquid can pass from one pipeline to the other in the eventuality of a seal defect. For this reason, single-seat shut-off valves are not suitable for separating incompatible products.

Special Features

  • Certified, hygienic configuration 
  • Metallic stop 
  • Flexibility because of the modular principle 
  • Proven seal geometry  

The ECOVENT® valve series is characterized by its compact design. 

Single-seat shut-off valves
DN 10 – DN 100
OD 1" – OD 4"
Valve Selection Scheme
Recommended Flow DirectionFeatureType
from Bottom to TopCompact DesignSingle-seat Valve, Type N/ECO
from Bottom to TopSmall Nominal Width
DN 10 or DN 15
Single-seat Valve, Type N/ECO small

Application Examples

In practical use, these valves are used

  • as emptying / drainage valves
  • for shutting off a bypass line
  • as dosing valves

The ECOVENT® small valve type N / ECO in nominal widths DN 10 or DN 15 is predominantly used as a feed valve for supplying the spray cleaning of double-seat valves. 

Technical Data

Type N/ECOPlease refer to the catalog for information.
Technical Data of the Standard Version
Type N/ECO
Recommended flow directionFrom bottom to top
Material in contact with the product1.4404 / AISI 316 L
Material not in contact with the product1.4301 / AISI 304
Seal material in contact with the productEPDM, FKM, HNBR
Ambient temperature0 to 45 °C
Air supply pressure6 bar (87 psi)
Product pressure5 bar (73 psi)
Surface in contact with the productRa ≤ 0.8 μm
External housing surfaceMatte blasted
Control and feedback systemConnection 0 (without control top)
Actuator typePneumatic actuator air / spring
Connection fittingsWelding end
IdentificationAdhesive ID tag
Valve seat versionClamped or welded seat ring
CertificatesA3, CE

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