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Product recovery systems

Cleaning of process lines is always an issue – both to meet the strictest criteria for hygienic design both also to gain as much product out of the pipes as possible. The answer to both cleaning and maximum output is a Product Recovery System. With such a system you recover the valuable finished product from the process lines and this technique also substantially reduces consumption of the effluents traditionally used for push out. The system is available as fully automated, semi-automated or with manual operation depending on the product and the customer’s requirements.

  • Reduced product loss
  • Reduced effluent disposal costs
  • Reduced consumption of water and CIP media
  • Reduced production down times

VARICOVER® Product Recovery System ATEX

Even in explosion endangered areas you are able to operate GEA Product Recovery Systems.
Our pigging components can be used in ATEX-relevant areas in the following nominal sizes:

  • DN25; DN40; DN50; DN65
  • OD 1“; OD 1,5”; OD 2”; OD2,5”; OD 3”
  • Authorized Ex zones inside of pipelines: 1; 2; 21; 22
  • Authorized Ex zones outside of pipelines: 1; 2; 21; 22
  • ATEX categories:
    • II 2G Ex h IIB T3…T6 Gb X
    • II 2D Ex h IIB T 135°C Db X
  • Suitable pig driving media:
    • Water
    • Nitrogen


Clearing the path for less wastewater

Water is a valuable and limited resource. In the age of climate change, with increasing periods of drought and controversies over water rights, this fact is becoming clearer and clearer. The freshwater consumption of industrial companies is constantly under scrutiny. A traditional method, the pigging of product-carrying pipelines, enables sustainable water savings during pipe cleaning and the minimization of product losses in liquid processes. In this way, companies are able to realize “green” production methods more consistently.

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