Butterfly valves

GEA Hygienic leakage butterfly valves

GEA Hygienic Leakage Butterfly Valves offers an interesting valve variant for the mixproof separation of media. Highly functional, CIP/SIP-enabled and easy to service, this valve supplies continuous safety to production processes.

In addition to the main opening, the rotating valve disk enforces the mechanical opening or closing of drain ports, depending on the valve position. This minimizes switching losses and ensures the functionality of four valve disks – without further actuation – and the need of the corresponding control system. GEA Hygienic Leakage Butterfly Valves are characterized by their hygienic design without dome and sump, offering all before mentioned advantages. GEA Hygienic Leakage Butterfly Valves are available in sizes DN 50 - DN 100 and 2"OD – 4"OD, with manual actuation device and pneumatic actuator.

Significant Features

  • Valve disk made from solid material
  • Compact build
  • Minimum switching loss
  • Optimum cleanability
  • Simple and safe leakage indication
  • Only one product wetted seal
  • Hygienically placed drain paths
  • Product wetted parts in 316L (1.4404)
  • Intermediate flange seals in proven VARIVENT® seal design
  • Long service life, high productivity in process

Application examples

  • CIP systems
  • Flush-out processes
  • Water management
  • Use as CIP return valve in a valve matrix

Mixproof separation

Mixproof separation of the two product areas, when the valve disk is closed, is achieved through two peripheral sealing edges with the leakage cavity between them.

The leakage cavity itself drains automatically and is designed in such a way that it can be flushed, from one drain port to the other, without dead areas or short-cuts. With little resources applied, products are successfully and completely flushed out, for optimum cleanability.

Pneumatic Actuators

For narrow mounting situations and low air consumption the pneumatic actuators have been made even more compact.

The gap-free design ensures optimum cleanability and fulfils highest demands to hygiene.

Torque maxima towards both end positions enable application on both normally closed and normally open valves. Metallic stops ensure exact disk positioning. There are air-to-spring and air-to-air variants.

The integrated T.VIS® interface also safely accommodates optional accessories – booster cylinder, two-position stop and limit stop. The internal pneumatic system reduces the risk of failures, being without external tubing.

All actuators are by default applicable for Ex zones. Compliance of any electric accessories with Ex regulations must be ensured.

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