Diverter Valves

Rotary Tube Selector Valves (RTSV)

The GEA Rotary tube selector valve allows powder to be easily diverted to up to six different locations from a single source.

Rotary Tube Selector

Rotary tube selector valves are used in powder pneumatic transport to divert product flow from single source to multiple destinations. Flow can also be converged from multiple lines into one line. Multiport Rotary Tube selector valves are often used to replace a series of two-way valves, thereby simplifying the system, and reducing equipment footprint.

The GEA Rotary tube selector valve brings a new level of innovation and design to an integral component of a powder conveying system. The enhanced structural layout provides greater strength and rigidity allowing for regular and reliable operation when changing powder destinations. The Rotary tube selector valve modular design is available in 2 through to 6 port versions with 75 to 150 mm (3” to 6”) pipe configuration. Any of the models can be hand demountable and are manually cleanable.


The two-way RTSV diverts or converges the flow of pneumatically conveyed powders and pellets in dilute and dense phase pressure and vacuum systems. Solid piping provides higher pressure and temperature ratings, and is less susceptible to wear than flexible-hose designs.

Further features include:

•    75–150 mm diameter tube and pipe sizes
•    Internal components easily visible through four windows
•    Fully pneumatic operation
•    Easy cleaning
•    Modular design allows interchangeable parts between models
•    No Motor Control Centre (MCC) required
•    Product contact components are 304L stainless steel and the material of the seals meets FDA requirements
•    Valves can be used in dilute phase and dense phase systems
•    Designed in accordance with EHEDGE and USDA/3A standards.

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