Wired and wireless remote controls

A GEA exclusive solution to make a manure transfer system simple and easy to operate

GEA wired and wireless remote controls optimize efficiency and safety when operating hydraulic functions on lagoon and articulated PTO pumps. The wired control provides operators the comfort and convenience to be in the best position for visibility during agitation. Adding a wireless remote to the wired control, manure tank operators can control select pump functions from their own tractor seat, allowing the operator to fill a manure tank without leaving the comfort of their tractor cab. The faceplates and controls on both wired and wireless remotes are intuitive and easy-to-use for every step of manure agitation and transfer operations.

PTO Pumps Controls Wired

Wired control for lagoon and articulated PTO pump hydraulic functions

This new wired remote is available with 8 different faceplates for different pump configurations. It is possible to add an optional wireless remote to control certain functions of the wired control. The wired control on the pump is required before adding the wireless remote control option.

  • The wired remote is equipped with toggle switches and joysticks for configuration.
  • It has a cable that is 18 ft (5.5 m) in length.
Wired and wireless control for PTO pumps

Quick and easy control of the PTO pump hydraulic functions from either the pump or the manure tank tractor. Strict distance parameters for operation set for higher safety level. Increased loads per hour and decreased operator fatigue because of the time saved staying in the tractor while loading their spreaders.

PTO Pumps Controls Wireless

Wireless remote control to operate loading functions from the manure tanker tractor

The wireless remote control has the ability to control select hydraulic functions of the pump from a radius distance of up to 300 ft (91.5 m). This wireless remote is ideally suited for changing the rotative valve from agitation to loading mode, as well as maneuvering the articulated loading pipe. These options allow an operator to position a manure tanker and operate loading functions of the manure pump without leaving the tractor cab.


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