Contained Materials Handling Systems

GEA manufacture a full range of contained material handling equipment for the pharmaceutical industry.

Contained Materials Handling Solutions

GEA manufactures a full range of contained material handling equipment for the pharmaceutical industry utilizing BUCK® containment technology.

Primary, Secondary Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

With extensive experience in the generics sector, GEA supplies a wide range of technologies and equipment that improve and enhance the efficiency and performance of oral solid dosage production plants. Our distinctive specialization lies in the integration of the BUCK® containment technology into complete solutions for pharmaceutical solid dosage form facilities. 

With an emphasis on quality and GMP standards, we are committed to working together with our customers to deliver first class tailored solutions for projects of all sizes and complexity. With worldwide references, GEA has developed an outstanding reputation for quality and service to become the clear leader in contained materials handling technology, including powder handling / IBC systems/container systems, container blending, tablet handling and cleaning/container washing / IBC washing.

Key Technologies & Products

BUCK® provides highly contained materials handling systems dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry (split/butterfly valves, Hicoflex® and docking systems for safe powder handling), as well as IBC systems, storage solutions, transport and blenders.

Powder Handling - IBC Systems - Container Systems

After dispensing the ingredients into an intermediate bulk container (IBC), the IBC can be transferred to the next process step, wherein the method of IBC discharge will depend on several key factors: product characteristics, facility design and the processes to be undertaken.

Container Blending

Increased efficiency can be achieved by combining operations such as milling and sieving, and the addition of tableting lubricants using contained charge vessels. GEA’s blending technology is completely contained; and, with the Buck Systems™ Prism™, mixing efficiencies can be improved and segregation-free discharge can be achieved with the Vibroflow™.

Tablet Handling

It is arguable whether containment can be reduced once the powders have been compressed into tablets or after capsule filling or tablet coating. This applies in particular to the IBC valve technology. Consideration should, however, also be given to the value of the finished pharmaceutical product. Using stainless steel tablet containers significantly increases security and reduces the risk of spillage-derived damage.

Cleaning - Container Washing - IBC Washing

It is critical to establish a cleaning philosophy for any new facility, which will depend on the products, processes and production demands. A multi-product plant may require rapid changeovers, in which product-dedicated plants adopt a CIP approach. When handling hazardous or toxic materials, CIP may be preferable, combined with a contained quick changeover solution. Your cleaning philosophy is an integrated part of the design of your materials handling system and should not be looked at in isolation.


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Customer case

GEA's first contained Pharma line in Vietnam nears completion

GEA’s first contained manufacturing line, including integrated granulation and tablet compression for the production of steroid/hormonal drugs, at STELLAPHARM in Vietnam is approaching completion

Customer case

Oncology contract with Oncogen Pharma in Malaysia is a company first for GEA

Discover GEA's groundbreaking partnership with Oncogen Pharma in Malaysia, as they secure a multi-million Euro contract for the production of oral solid dosage (OSD) forms to treat cancer. Learn how GEA's end-to-end solutions and innovative technologies overcame challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring successful project completion and customer satisfaction.


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