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GEA PerformancePlus

GEA PerformancePlus offers customers service level options that extend way beyond routine preventive maintenance and complement customer Industry 4.0 strategic efforts.

Stay stronger: A GEA Service Level Agreement provides you with more insight and performance

Stay stronger: A GEA Service Level Agreement provides you with more insight and performance

Thanks to our SLAs, you have more time to perform: Get the best maintenance, monitoring, analysis, and optimization for your GEA equipment and ensure your processes perform to the max.

By combining modern condition monitoring technologies with its industry expertise, GEA provides its customers monitoring services with comprehensive analysis reports. In turn, GEA customers receive valuable information to make business decisions easier and addressing challenges they face to achieve their specific performance-related goals. GEA PerformancePlus creates transparency about the current health status of the equipment, increases its availability, ensures optimum productivity, brings efficiency optimization potential to light and enables a sustainable equipment utilization.

The GEA promise:

  • Transparency – Deliver facts about the current health status and performance of the equipment – to constantly improve decision making.
  • Availability – Assure the equipment is always in a good condition and ready for production – in turn helping customers to increase their equipment uptime.
  • Productivity – Establish processes that ensure a reliable and flexible production environment – to ensure a total and optimum utilization of the Assets.
  • Efficiency – Secure, enhance and optimize the operational performance during the Lifetime – to minimize losses and achieve higher profitability.
  • Sustainability – Assistance, advice and expertise on the latest developments and technologies – Enabling our customers to be competitive and sustainable partners for their customers.
  • Monitoring, Analyzing and Optimizing – Condition monitoring and analysis technologies mean that we and our customers can keep track of how equipment and systems are operating, and configure and optimize equipment, customer processes as well as their output to meet changing needs.
  • Cost control – At GEA we build value into providing the best service and support options for all our customers in line with their Performance demands.


GEA Performance Plus for Centrifugal Separators and Decanter Centrifuges

With GEA PerformancePlus for separators and decanters, we offer you the comprehensive service options in a structured yet flexible way. Using advanced condition monitoring technologies, we address your business challenges and strive to help you meet your performance goals: reliable uptime, sustainable profit and continuous growth.

Listen to what Nick Fernkorn, Vice President Service BU Separators, has to say about our new condition monitoring options at Anuga FoodTec 2022.

Utilizing modern condition monitoring technologies

Learn more about our options, which build on each other to give you the support that's the right fit for you.

Condition Monitoring Offline – Vibration / Alarming
Condition Monitoring for Centrifuges - Offline

Bringing enhanced insight and trending to you:

  • Hardware and software package
  • Additional services on demand and at cost
  • The foundation for Condition Monitoring Offline Plus and Online

The centrifuge is equipped with additional Condition Monitoring sensors. The GEA control cabinet is prepared for Condition Monitoring Offline. Hence, a Condition Monitoring module and an additional controller/PLC is installed in the control cabinet.

The vibration and bearing Values (mm/g) gathered via the Condition Monitoring module are visualized in real-time on an additional Condition Monitoring Offline dashboard on the HMI. Threshold values for vibration and bearing values are preconfigured and enable an early indication of increasing trends or potential impending threats.

In case of a threshold breach, an alarm is created and visualized clearly (color coding – yellow or red respectively) on the additional Condition Monitoring Offline Dashboard  HMI – allowing operators to identify potential risks easily. The alarms are displayed on the dashboard as a text and include basic help texts – actions to be initiated by the operator – as simple self help actions.

Local data storage of vibration and bearing values for up to 6 month. Enabling GEA Qualified Service Engineers to grant additional assistance and services on demand at additional costs.

Condition Monitoring OfflinePlus – Vibration / Alarming / Health Monitor / Trending
Condition Monitoring for Centrifuges - OfflinePlus

Bringing enhanced insight and trending to you:

  • Builds up on the Offline option with additional license based dashboards
  • Is the substance for enhancing GEA PreventiveCare SLAs

OfflinePlus includes the scope of services of Offline and offers you in addition:

  • Additional GEA Centrifuge Health Monitor Dashboard:
    Clear weighted overview of the overall centrifuge Health. Enabling a quick and easy evaluation of the overall state of the centrifuge in operation.
  • Additional Vibrations and Bearing Trending Dashboard:
    Six month trending visualized for evaluation purpose. Enabling operators and maintenance teams to evaluate recent trends.
Condition Monitoring Online – Vibration / Alarming / Health Monitor / Trending / Connectivity
Condition Monitoring for Centrifuges - Online

Includes our full scope of features and benefits:

  • Builds up on the OfflinePlus option with a connectivity solution to a cloud based portal
  • Is the substance for Online CM based SLAs

Online includes the scope of services of OfflinePlus and offers you in addition:

  • IOT gateway:
    Embedded in the control cabinet enabling a secure one-way internet connection and continuous transfer of process data from the GEA IO control into a cloud based platform. Enabling you to view your process parameters remotely – anytime and anywhere.
  • Cloud based platform:
    Provides standard dashboards but also allows customization of available data views. Push notifications can also be self created. Enabling you to understand the values easily and also adapt them to your needs.
  • Security gateway:
    Full bidirection connection of GEA IO (PLC and HMI) and remote devices via security gateway. Enabling a customer-controlled access gateway, allowing GEA experts to give qualified support and software modification assistance remotely if needed.


GEA Performance Plus for Homogenizers

The condition monitoring system for homogenizers, embedded in the GEA PerformancePlus SLA, allows depth analysis of machine performances, to analyze data and optimize production processes preventing upcoming threats. Trought the secure real time data transmission, in compliance with a high data transfer safety standards, GEA is close to you to take the right decision at the right time. 

Find out more from Filippo Ghirardi, Vice President Service Homogenizers, who is introducing you to our new solution live at Anuga FoodTec 2022.

Slicing & Packaging lines

PerformancePlus for GEA Slicing and Packaging lines

GEA PerformancePlus is now available for GEA OptiSlicer 6000, GEA PowerPak and PowerPak PLUS and GEA TiroLabel PLUS.

PerformancePlus online condition monitoring
GEA PerformancePlus used for thermoforming packaging machines

The slicing and packaging machines such as GEA OptiSlicer 6000, GEA PowerPak and PowerPak PLUS, GEA TiroLabel PLUS and GEA PowerSort benefit from GEA’s new PerformancePlus predictive and preventative maintenance system, available as an option. This uses advanced online condition monitoring, which help customers plan maintenance schedules, reduce costs, improve machine uptime, track energy consumption and maximize productivity.

Monthly reports and notifications

GEA PerformancePlus generates a monthly status report showing the general condition of the slicing and packaging machine, an overview of the machine performance and its energy consumption. In case of alarms indicating the need of time-critical process adaptations or maintenance activities, additional notifications are sent out. 

Beside the machines specific evaluations, a dedicated line report is provided in case of multiple GEA PerformancePlus instances are in a line. On short- and mid-term more products of GEA’s slicing and packaging portfolio will follow. GEA PerformancePlus is also available as upgrade option for already installed machines. Reach out to your local GEA contact, to get detailed information. Due to the state-of-the-art infrastructure of GEA PerformancePlus, continuous updates and feature extensions are rolled out to all running instances automatically. GEA customers will therefore immediately benefit from new features and analyses and can be sure to have an always up to date system. And of course, every GEA PerformancePlus Service Level Agreement will meet the most stringent health and safety, compliance and risk minimization requirements.

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