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GEA Grasso SP1

Efficient. Reliable. Versatile. - GEA single-stage screw packages.

GEA Grasso SP1

GEA Grasso SP1

The GEA Grasso SP1 series of single-stage screw compressor packages has been designed to cover highly individual needs from medium to the largest cooling capacity range.

The GEA Grasso SP1 series is particularly attractive for its versatility, whether in the food industry or in a high-pressure version for CO2, in a heat pump installation or in an explosion-proof set-up for chemical application. Our customers can select from a multitude of options and customize the packages to all individual needs.

The series consists of 16 models from 638 kW to 9,423 kW (R717 | –10 / +35 °C | 3,600 rpm) refrigeration capacity.

GEA Grasso SP1 horizontal variant

9 models from 638 kW to 2,667 kW (R717 | -10/+35°C | 3,600 rpm) are available in a horizontal oil separator design. This variant offers up to 20% less footprint than the vertical version but otherwise performs identically.

GEA Grasso SP1 HP variant

HP stands for high pressure, and this version is specifically designed for Ammonia heat pump and subcritical CO2 applications. The series is available with screw compressor sizes (frame size) from E to XA (R717 heat pumps to XD).

Learn more on our GEA Grasso SP1 HP product page.

Highlights & Technical Features

  • Widest range of single-stage screw compressor packages
  • Individual and customized set-up for various applications and industries
  • Horizontal design version for up to 20 % reduced footprint
  • Stepless capacity control via frequency inverter and/or slide system
  • GEA Omni control panel with high-definition 15.6" touch screen
  • Variable speed drive motors (optional) with speed range 1,500 - 3,600 rpm (R to T models 1,500 - 4,500 rpm)

Learn more with GEA RTSelect – our product selection and configuration tool.

GEA Grasso SP1
Screw package modelSpeed (rpm)Cooling capacity (kW)
-10/+35 °C
-40/-10 °C
-10/+35 °C
GEA Grasso SP1 – P3600646197507
GEA Grasso SP1 – R3600
GEA Grasso SP1 – S3600
GEA Grasso SP1 – T3600
GEA Grasso SP1 – V360013884281091
GEA Grasso SP1 – W360016194991273
GEA Grasso SP1 – Y360019646061549
GEA Grasso SP1 – Z360022827031795
GEA Grasso SP1 – XA360026998322122
GEA Grasso SP1 – XB3600341510282685
GEA Grasso SP1 – XC3600402912423168
GEA Grasso SP1 – XD3600476814703749
GEA Grasso SP1 – XE3600589118164633
GEA Grasso SP1 – XF3600703421685531
GEA Grasso SP1 – XG3600805825026337
GEA Grasso SP1 – XH3600942329267410

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