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GEA Grasso X

Reduce your costs and impact on the environment

GEA Grasso X
Reduce your costs and impact on the environment

The X package provides a reliable, efficient, and compact component with the option of between one and four of the GEA CompaX 350 or 400 models mounted in parallel arrangement. It is suitable for those seeking a sustainable and cost-effective solution at a lowest possible footprint.

Safe and sustainable

The GEA CompaX technology provides increased safety and reliability thanks to the smart, semi-hermetic design. Completed with industry-leading components, such as the GEA Omni control panel and advanced oil separator design and know-how, customers can rely on a high-quality, future-proof GEA package.

The use of ammonia ensures efficiency and climate-friendliness in compliance with F-gas regulation. The GEA Grasso X package offers best-in-class efficiencies to boost your social and corporate responsibility.

Lower your footprint and total cost of ownership

Another key aspect in the development was to lower the footprint and offer as many Kilowatts per m² as possible. This facilitates the implementation in machine rooms, or on ships, and with a multi-compressor arrangement of up to four pieces in parallel, there is a lot of flexibility, availability, and part-load efficiency included.

High efficiency, very low maintenance efforts ultimately lead to a reduction of the total costs of ownership.

Highlights & Technical Features

  • Available with one compressor – or optionally with two, three or four compressors parallel
  • Optimized for flexibility, availability, and peak-load and efficient part-load demands
  • 200 – 1,900 kW cooling capacity (-10/+35 °C)
  • Stepless capacity control via large variable speed range 1,200 – 6,000 rpm and capacity slide
  • One piece – easy installation, operation and maintenance, minimized footprint
  • GEA Omni control panel with high-definition 15.6" touch screen

GEA RT Select – our selection and configuration program will help you to find the right equipment for your refrigeration and heating plant.

Technical data

SpeedCooling capacity
GEA Grasso X1x CompaX 3506,000395270785
1x CompaX 4006,000465320935
2x CompaX 3506,0007905401,570
2x CompaX 4006,0009306401,870
3x CompaX 3506,0001,1858102,355
3x CompaX 4006,0001,3959602,805
4x CompaX 3506,0001,5801,080-
4x CompaX 4006,0001,8601,280-

1) Capacity limited at approx. 2,800 kW

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