The GEA FES XSeries compressor package

GEA FES GLX series

The GEA FES XSeries compressor package.

GEA FES GLX series with GEA Omni Control Panel
The GEA FES GLX series is available in several models spanning 739 to 6083 CFM utilizing various refrigerants, including the natural refrigerant ammonia (R-717) with a global warming potential (GWP) rating of zero.

Package features:

  • Optimized rotor profile manufactured with the latest CBN (cubic boron nitrid) grinding technology for improved volumetric efficiency and lower power consumption
  • 5:6 male to female lobe ratio for improved bearing load distribution, lower noise generation, and better bhp/ton performance
  • Patented flow-optimized suction inlet improves volumetric efficiency and reduces noise
  • Double-acting hydraulic capacity control, infinitely adjustable from 10% to 100% for premium part load operation
  • High-definition, multi-touch GEA Omni control panel.

Available GEA FES XSeries options:

  • Liquid injection oil cooling provides reduced field piping, precise discharge temperature control and low discharge pressure operation for lower operating costs
  • External oil cooling with OMC temperature control valve: Thermosyphon, Water-cooled, Glycol-cooled
  • Dual oil filters
  • Variable speed operation: 
    • Variable frequency drive with or without solid state backup 
    • Motor bearing electrical discharge machining prevention 
    • Microfiber drive end shaft grounding ring 
    • Insulated non-drive end bearing
  • Compressor and motor vibration monitoring system
  • System controls

Learn more with GEA  RTSelect – our product selection and configuration tool.

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