Centrifuge Nozzle Separators for Oil & Gas


The system is designed to dehydrate heavy crude oil with API grades of 13. The system is based on a modular concept and can be offered as a single system incl. one (1) nozzle centrifuge type ODB 260. The concept has been developed to meet customers‘ demands for low space requirements, high performance and easy maintenance.

The system can be used on land-based installations or offshore fixed and floating production systems. All necessary components are mounted on the self-supporting frame. The skid and associated support structures are designed for single point lift and transport. The skid itself is provided with four lifting lugs to facilitate lifting. A carbon steel drip pan with drain connection is incorporated in the skid. 

The complete system is tested in our test bay before delivery and therefore on-site assembly and commissioning work is reduced. Depending on the required flow rate and performance as well as for stand-by function a number of systems in parallel operation can be considered


Rated capacity up to 250 m3 / h / 37,700 BPD


Features & Benefits

  • Simple and compact design with automatic operation
  • Delivered as a compact, factory assembled and tested system
  • Suitable for installation in Ex-zones 1 or 2
  • Low operational weight
  • Control unit including motor starters and programmable logic control
  • Designed according to oil field standards


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