Centrifuge Nozzle Separators for Fresh Cheese, Cream Cheese and Strained Yoghurt

Whether quark, fresh or cream cheese, skimmed milk yoghurt or Greek yoghurt – the demand on the global milk market is multi-faceted. As a major market player, GEA has designed both specific equipment and production processes such as the Thermo Quark process for the individual products and established them in practice. With our focus on the continued improvement and development of machines and process lines, we ensure that soft cheese production is efficient and economical.

The latest generation of GEA nozzle separators was designed especially for manufacturing soft cheese products and their efficient and economic operation is convincing. Their special design minimizes product losses and increases yields, due to the possibility of precisely setting the consistency of the soft cheese or the proportion of dry matter and control this fully automatically with no need for any ejection system.

Customer benefits

Depending on the individual process, GEA centrifuges offer decisive advantages, for example compared with the filter process:

  • Constant flow rate
  • Constant product characteristics (e.g. with respect to consistency)
  • Option of direct filling after concentration
  • Easy integration into existing process equipment
  • Quick and easy adaptation of the dry product matter
  • Option of integration into an existing CIP line
  • Long operating times (minimum 16 hours) compared with alternative processes

Highly efficient and flexible production

GEA nozzle separators are used in the production of

  • Quark (standard or Thermo Quark process, from buttermilk, from recombined milk)
  • Fresh Cheese
  • Cream Cheese
  • Strained Yoghurt (Labaneh)
  • Labneh
  • Greek Yoghurt
  • Skyr


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Optimum production of quark – safe recovery, higher yield and longer shelf life

The Thermo Quark process achieves an additional yield of around 10 % due to the almost complete transfer of the whey protein into the quark. The extra heat treatment of the coagulated milk also increases shelf life to up to 30 days.

Centrifuge - Nozzle Separator KDB for Fresh Cheese, Cream Cheese and Strained Yoghurt

In contrast to the standard process, the Thermo Quark process involves different temperature / time treatment of the unacidified and acidified vat milk.
This binds the majority of the nutritionally valuable whey protein from the skim milk to the casein and thus transfers it into the quark.



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Technical Features & Capacities

All of them are driven by a 3-phase AC motor via a clutch and a worm wheel gear. The machines are suitable for fully automatic cleaning-in-place (CIP). To ensure an optimum product quality, a sterile air flow is applied to the hood space.

Fresh Cheese Separator Selection KDE-KDB-KNA Series

Fresh Cheese Separator Selection KDE-KDB-KNA-Series
Fresh Cheese Separator Selection KDE-KDB-KNA-Series


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