Milking Parlor Accessory IlumiCurb

IllumiCurb LED lighting is built into the curbing on a parlor and provides the important light you need to properly perform all the steps in the milking process.

Features & Benefits

  • Innovative design - patent pending (#13,291,469).
  • Adaptable - can be installed on any existing or new parlor.
  • Complete one-, two- and four-stall sections - accommodate all parlor size combinations. Modular design in 27” and 283/8” spacing. Other custom spacing upon request.
  • Rugged LEDs - LED boards are fully encased in a waterproof polyurethane. LEDs come from scoreboard industry and can stand up to parlor conditions.
  • Bolts to curb - easy to install.
  • LEDs are placed at 60° - with a viewing angle of 55° to allow for maximum light coverage and light output.
  • Low voltage (27 Volt DC)

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