Milking Parlor Accessory EGO Lifting Floor

The EGO lifting floor from GEA is a height-adjustable working area. By adjusting the working height, you relieve strain on your muscles and joints and make working on the milking parlor much easier.

If your employees are not able to hold the correct posture when working on the milking parlor, this can cause a lot of strain on their muscles and joints. The majority of this strain can be relieved by designing the milking stalls in an ergonomic way. Which is why GEA offers the EGO lifting floor for group milking parlors and indoor and outdoor rotary milking parlors. You can use it to adjust your working height and position in the milking parlor to suit the cow and reduce the physical strain of the work substantially.

An overview of the benefits of the EGO lifting floor

The EGO lifting floor is available for both group milking parlors and indoor and outdoor rotary milking parlors. All systems give you a wide range of functions and benefits:

  • Smooth height adjustment to reach a comfortable working position
  • Reduces strain on the shoulders, neck and back
  • Can hold the weight of up to 12 people simultaneously
  • Non-slip surface and durable construction made from stainless or hot-dip galvanized steel

Work at the right height to relieve strain on your back, neck and shoulders

The EGO lifting floor for milking parlors is an important tool for ensuring your daily working conditions are ergonomic. Its powerful, low-maintenance hydraulic system lifts and lowers the entire working area at the touch of a button. Each employee can adjust the height to suit their own body size, making their work much easier. This not only increases comfort, but also protects their joints from becoming damaged in the long term. Neck, back and shoulder pain are a thing of the past thanks to the optimized ergonomics of the EGO lifting floor. The lifting floor is many meters long so that the entire working area can be raised or lowered. It can hold the weight of up to twelve people.

Easy to adjust the height at the touch of a button and also features a height display

The height of the EGO lifting floor can be adjusted at the touch of a button. There is also a display showing the current height of the lifting floor for simple visual control. You can use this to move the working area into the correct position each time the employees change over. The EGO lifting floor can be adjusted from 300-360mm. So you'll find the perfect position for every employee. It is also easy to raise the centre of the surface on group milking parlors. The three percent slope helps to relieve strain and makes it easier to attach the milking cluster to the cow.

Simple installation and durable design for a long-lasting system

The EGO lifting floor from GEA is easy and quick to integrate into any milking parlor. As with all of its milking parlor accessories, GEA has focused on creating a seamless system that can be adjusted flexibly to suit your needs. So the milking parlor and accessories such as the EGO lifting floor can be combined into a comprehensive and powerful solution. There is a lifting floor for every type of milking parlor:

  • EGO 100 for group milking parlors
  • EGO 400 for AutoRotor indoor milkers
  • EGO 900 for AutoRotor outdoor milkers
  • EGO 100r for sprung floors in group milking parlors

Depending on your needs, we can construct your lifting floor from stainless or hot-dip galvanized steel for increased acid resistance. The surface is made from non-slip plastic and is easy to clean. It is also comfortable to walk on and makes the physical side of your job easier.

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