GEA XPress™ Fiber Separation System

Reliable and efficient fiber separation system to get the most out of manure

Extracting the longest possible fiber from manure is an important consideration in providing maximum comfort to your cows. GEA XPress systems preserve fiber length more effectively because fiber is squeezed not ground during the separation process.

GEA XPress™ working principle

GEA XPress roller press principle

The XPressTM rotation pulls in a steady stream of material from the integrated regulator tank or dewatered material from a slope screen orvertical dewatererThe fiber material is squeezed between an upper rubber roller and a lower stainless steel screen to remove moisture. The extracted liquid is diverted from the fiber material via openings in the screen roller. The process is repeated two or three times depending on the capacity or dry matter rate targeted.

GEA XPress

XPress™ Main Features:

  • The GEA XPress™ is constructed with grade 304 stainless steel – the frame, roller shield, motor table, roller arms and accessories.
  • The rubber roller is made of small individual sections bolted together to provide easy rotation and replacement of the roller sections, when needed.
  • Pressure is applied to the fiber with an air bag system built to handle the conditions in separation rooms. This system provides uniform material compression across the roll.
  • Each steel roller and transition chute has an integrated rinsing system.
  • Laser level sensor providing accurate readings of the level of solids in the chute between each roller press system.
  • Control panel with optional Variable Speed Drive (VSD).
  • Each set of rollers uses only 1.5 HP (1.1 Kw).

The GEA XPressTM can be configured according to the size of the herd and desired dry matter rate of the solid outcome. The step-down concept allows increased pressure at each step for optimal moisture removal. It can be configured with an integrated regulator tank or a vertical dewaterer  together with a standaloneliquid level regulator tankThe unit also allows an on-site configurable drive with left- or right-hand choices.

"The XPress requires minimal energy input and only basic maintenance for many years of trouble-free performance."

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