Manure separation with the GEA SlopeScreen™

Manure separation with GEA SlopeScreen™

Dairy manure is a sustainable and valuable resource. When managed properly, it impacts farm profitability and overall operation efficiency. Independently managing the solids and liquids gives the flexibility to determine the best way to use them. The GEA SlopeScreen™ is an excellent tool for liquid recycling and reducing solids manure stream down.

Make the most of liquid and solid fractions

GEA SlopeScreen™ XP

Automated washing system

When separating for water quality, the GEA SlopeScreen™ can remove a good amount of solids. This provides additional storage room in the lagoon with minimal effect on the nutrient value of the liquid. Water in the lagoon can then be irrigated or transported to the field for application. 

When separating for solids, capturing the solids from the primary separation can be easily managed by an integrated XPress™ system. The GEA SlopeScreen™ brings the level of moisture in fiber down to approximately 80%. This is based on performance in optimum conditions. Be aware that performance may vary according to operating conditions, manure type, composition, and other external equipment factors.

We offer:

  • Modularity: Equipment configurations based on individual requirements and the parts are interchangeable.
  • Adaptability: Screen opening sizes are set to standards that perform in most environments. If different opening sizes are deemed necessary, they can be ordered as required.
  • Reliability: Simple design with minimal moving parts for easy maintenance which results in reduced TCO.
  • Low power consumption: The SlopeScreen™ requires no electrical horsepower. The SlopeScreen™ XP requires a 1.5hp (1.1kw) motor.
  • Longevity: Made entirely of stainless steel and built to last in highly demanding and corrosive environments.

GEA OptiClean™ automated washing system

GEA OptiClean™

By integrating a wash cycle into a high-pressure rinsing system, the washer removes soil from the front and internal compartments of the screen to keep operating capacity at a maximum without sacrificing water quality.

Existing systems on the market offer a high-pressure rinse only. The GEA OptiClean™ is a complete washing system like those found in bulk tanks and milking parlors.

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