Articulated Agi-Pompe

The concept of the articulated pumps offered by GEA is to have the pump attached to the tractor with a solid 3-point hitch and two hydraulic controlled articulations allowing positioning the pump into a lagoon or a concrete pit.

The Articulated Agi-Pompe stands out by its powerful propeller providing a constant agitation as you are in loading or agitation mode. This far-reaching pump allows faster agitation and transfer of manure from main storage. The Articulated Agi-Pompe rapidly homogenizes liquid manure using a tractor with a minimum of 140 HP – 540 RPM only. Also available in 1000 RPM with gearbox reduction.

Key Features

  • 18, 21 and 24 feet models.
  • 20" (508 mm) or 24" (610 mm) propeller. Provide a constant agitation up to 21 500 US gpm (81 386 lpm) in loading mode as well as agitation mode.
  • Knife Kit on Propeller to cut fibrous material and aid in the discharge of manure;
  • 6" (150 mm) aluminum discharge. Also available in 8" (200 mm) for faster loading;
  • Heavy-duty drive line with #55 PTO;
  • Double joint in oil bath for low maintenance and articulation with #77 double joint;
  • Easy access for maintenance of the driveline joint;
  • Low maintenance gearbox protected by our 3 seal system on each shaft to protect against contamination. A heavy-duty gearbox is also available;
  • 6" (150 mm) or 8" (200 mm) directional valve for either agitation or transfer of manure. It can be operated while pump is at low RPM;
  • Wide operating range anti-swirl agitation nozzle with 320° horizontal rotation and 130° vertical articulation;
  • 4" (102 mm) adjustable nozzle
  • Double-hinged articulation on agitation nozzle for constant flow with less restriction;
  • Impeller housing made of Abrasion Resistant steel.
  • 26" (660 mm) impeller.
  • Remote Grease Line Kit to lubricate the bearing housing without removing the pump;

Articulated Housing


  • Wheels and draw bar for road travel;
  • Remote Control to operate the pump and its multiple functions from inside the cab using 1 hydraulic outlet.
  • Adjustable Heavy-Duty 3-Point Hitch is an option on the 18' (5,5 m) and 21' (6,4 m) models. Included only on the 24' (7,32 m) model;
  • Drive Line in Oil Bath for articulation;

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