Milk quality begins long before the cows enter the parlour. It starts with clean, dry alleys. The Combiscraper is one of many solutions offered by GEA to improve the health, welfare, and milk production of your cows — simply and effectively. The Combiscraper is available in Western and Eastern Europe only.

Straight position arms

The scraper arms of the Combiscraper can be set either in a straight or an angled (15°) position, depending on your barn configuration and the amount of manure to be collected. Both folding ends can be individually adjusted to fit the alley width. Several options are available to adapt the Combiscraper for a free stall alley cleaner system with a chain, rope, or cable, either floor-mounted or with a guiding groove mechanism.

Key features and benefits

New improved robust design - made entirely of galvanized steel for greater corrosion resistance and a longer service life.

Modular design - features and accessories to easily adapt the Combiscraper for all dairy farm installations.

The Combiscraper is safe for the cows - there are no sharp edges that may lead to cow injuries.

Trouble-free operation - requires minimal maintenance.

Easy to install - pre-packed mounting parts are delivered in sets.

Made to keep the alleys clean and dry - the standard Combiscraper comes with replaceable soft polyurethane or hard steel wear blades for optimal cleaning performance on any type of barn flooring.

The Combiscraper is made to fit your dairy farm installation - fits alley widths rangingbetween 1.8 and 5 m, with end flaps 42 or 70 cm in length.

Combiscraper versatility and modular features make the Combiscraper a perfect fit

Combiscraper farmview
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