All GEA Originals e.g. spare parts, Liners, Hygiene products function perfectly well with each other and in your GEA Equipment. This guarantees you the best possible equipment performance for your animals and your farming success. 

GEA Originals keep what they promise!
  • Spare parts, liners and consumables - perfect for GEA equipment
  • DairyService Kits - always the right spare parts for the next Service visit
Always choose GEA Originals and
  • Benefit from the fact that they are a perfect match for GEA equipment,
  • Ensure high system availability,
  • Avoid unnecessary visits from the service technician and
  • Save costs alongside
One source of delivery - get it all from GEA
  • GEA Originals - a harmonious portfolio for daily use
  • Perfect fit for their purpose and for your GEA Equipment
  • A variety of products for your individual farms and for different herd requirements
  • Standardized and high quality as all products are produced or carefully sourced by GEA
  • In accordance with legal and other requirements such as BfR/FDA
Global Liner Portfolio

Liners & Shells

Experience true milking precision with GEA's comprehensive selection of rubber and silicone liners. Our global liner portfolio is the result of extensive, collaborative efforts with farmers across the globe, developed over many years. Every liner is subject to stringent quality control procedures and comes with certifications that ensure they meet the highest standards.
Spare Parts

Spare Parts & Service Kits

Elevate the efficiency and longevity of your equipment with GEA Original spare parts and Service Kits, expertly designed to preserve the high performance of your machinery. By choosing these components, you ensure the safety and dependability of your operations, reduce the potential for downtime, and enhance overall productivity.
Calf Bucket


Enhance your daily operations with GEA Originals, perfectly complemented by our premium Supplies products – essential consumables tailored for everyday use and all the necessities for your milking operation.
GEA Hygiene Products


Maximize the efficiency of milking procedures with our intelligent hygiene solutions – an extensive range of Pre/Post teat treatment options designed to enhance your milking performance. Embrace the peace of mind that comes with our specialized products, crafted to support optimal udder health and milk quality.

GEA Insights

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Automation makes a difference for cows, humans and planet

CIAL Chile Employees stand in front of a line of defrosters from GEA.

GEA's defrosting solution sees success at CIAL in Chile

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