A Service concept for your taste

DairyService Agreement

*depending on the availability at your local GEA Dealership

A Service concept for your taste!
A Service concept for your taste!
  • Security with the GEA DairyService Agreement!
  • A modular Service concept in three levels
  • Effective machine uptimes are increased due to Service intervals
  • Service costs become plannable
  • Better milk quality and higher milk yields
  • Healthy cows

Maintenance is the major driver for your farming success – only well maintained equipment can deliver a long lasting top performance – year after year after year.

Schedule your Service before your equipment does it for you!

Unexpected repairs and performance drops can lead to uncontrolled equipment breakdowns – something that you certainly want to avoid.
Safeguard your scheduled maintenance services for all GEA products and make sure to get exactly the Service level you are looking for.

It‘s Your Choice! 

You decide which service package fits best for you and your farm!


The GEA service package to keep your milking equipment up and running


The GEA service package for monitoring the milking system with scheduled maintenance, remote support and cost efficiency.


The GEA all-round carefree package with maximum support, spare parts for regular service, including hygiene and consumables, and dairy management advice. The respective modules include the freedom to choose the most suitable individual package. Your local GEA dealer will be happy to work out the best solution for you – together with you.

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