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The right choice makes the difference!

Liners play a critical role in optimizing milking results, connecting cows to the milking unit much like tires on a car. Achieving maximum performance, safety, and efficiency requires the right fit, as there's no one-size-fits-all solution due to variations in cow genetics and herd composition.

GEA offers a global rubber and silicone liner model portfolio, designed in collaboration with farmers worldwide over a century. These liners are quality-controlled and certified, ensuring precise milking tailored to individual needs across generations of cows.

Introducing the Next Generation of Milking

We are thrilled to introduce our brand new GEA Liner portfolio. With its global availability we are proud to offer our customers an unparalleled range of options.

Crafted with utmost precision and care, our Liner portfolio is designed to meet the diverse needs of your herd. Notably, our new portfolio is specifically tailored for modern milking applications. With its innovative design and advanced technology, our Liner portfolio ensures efficient and comfortable milking experiences for both cows and farmers alike.

One of the key advantages of our new portfolio is its lightweight design. We understand the importance of minimizing weight in milking equipment, as it directly impacts the comfort of both animals and operators. It reduces the strain on cows and allows for easier handling during milking. Additionally, it provides farmers with greater flexibility and maneuverability, enhancing overall productivity.

Furthermore, we recognize that milking systems come in various sizes and configurations. That's why we offer our Liner portfolio in a wide range of sizes, including smaller options, to accommodate different setups and requirements. Whether you have a large-scale dairy operation or a small family farm, we have the perfect liner size for you.

Our Liner portfolio is available in two exceptional materials: rubber and silicone. Each material brings its own unique benefits, ensuring that you can find the perfect liner for your specific requirements.

Stay tuned as we gradually unveil our Liner portfolio across the globe. We are committed to bringing our products to customers worldwide, ensuring that everyone can experience the quality and reliability of GEA Liner.


The new Global Composite Shell

The next generation in upgraded shell technology for the newest liners in the GEA liner portfolio are here. The extremely durable, fully composite Global Shell is designed to match precisely with the new and upcoming portfolio.

Shell features at a glance:

  • No twisting of the liner in the shell due to top and bottom locking features.
  • Prevents the accumulation of manure/soil thanks to a smooth surface and limited engravings.
  • Additional support when attaching and positioning the milking unit due to recessed ribs and a flared bottom
Global GQ-S liners

Innovative design meets advanced technology

The Global GQ-S liners maintain many of the beneficial features that farms are accustomed to with the GQ model, such as its unique shape – a round liner that folds like a square – and also incorporates some of the latest technology in liners to help properly position the liner in the shell and maintain liner alignment throughout its service life.
Global IQ liner

Adaptability and performance for modern herds

The new Global IQ CO-S liner is a versatile liner integrated into GEA's IQ family due to its exceptional performance in AMS systems. With a reduced head height and conical barrel, it efficiently milks a range of teat sizes, catering to modern herds globally. It ensures optimal milking with its shape and flexible mouthpiece. Incorporating advanced technology for precise positioning and alignment, this liner offers superior adaptability and performance, meeting farm demands with confidence.

“We tried a couple of units as a trial and the agreement amongst the farms milking staff was to change to GQ liners straight away. Up to that point, cows and especially heifers were restless during milking. This resulted in increased milking time due to having to reattach units. I would recommend the GQ liner to anyone who asks and would invite anybody interested to visit their farm to view them operating. Try them, you won’t be disappointed.”

StuartRogers (Farm Owner) and Victor Kavita (Herd Manager)

Longmoore Farm, UK


The whole milking process in the Liner |Our In-Liner Everything Technology

From stimulation to cleaning, milk harvesting, and post-treatment - this groundbreaking process streamlines the entire milking procedure, with a single attachment. Developed exclusively by GEA, this innovation offers unparalleled advantages for dairy farmers. Experience the future of milking with GEAs In-Liner Everything technology.
Explore the In-Liner-Everything process

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