The best in performance, comfort and uptime

External Rotary Milking Parlor DairyRotor T8900

Unbridled productivity and outstanding efficiency for animal-friendly milking in 24/7 operation. Developed for dairy farms worldwide that demand performance at the highest level.

Whether it’s cow flow, milking process or milk transportation, the T8900 rotary milking parlor (US-model T8800) is designed for efficient processes and top performance. Mid-sized to very large herds are milked in 32-120 milking stalls with an outstanding ratio of manpower and milk yield. Without exception, all components are geared for maximum service life and highest reliability in 24/7 operation. Let the unequaled performance of the T8900 convince you!

External rotary milking parlor with the greatest comfort for milker and cow

External rotary milking parlor T8900

The workplace at the rotary milking parlor is perfectly organized. Every step is in sync: open view and free access to the udder, attaching arm as well as milking cluster ergonomically positioned. In just seconds the cows move to the free milking stall. With smooth surfaces and round forms, the especially low-profile cabinets are made with a cow’s anatomy in mind. For high milking comfort, thanks to a positioning arm free of leverage force, the milking cluster can be positioned individually for each udder. Round after round the cows stay relaxed. Secure optimal conditions with the DairyRotor T8900 for maximum throughput performance.

Process management at top speed

Carousel system control GEA DairyMilk M6330

With the T8900, everything comes together in a high-speed network: The innovative carousel system control GEA DairyMilk M6330 allows you to visualize and control processes in real time. Milking stall occupancy, animal data and current milking results are available for the milker at a glance on the touchscreen. ID systems recognize the cow when it walks onto the platform. In the background, milking management is taken over by milking control units and the milk-flow-controlled automatic detachment system.

Clean carousel milking parlor with every milking procedure

DairyRotor T8900

The slightly sloped deck guides water and dirt away from the milker towards the groove in the middle. A generously sized splash shield protects the milking technology and the interior from sprayed liquids. After automatic cluster removal, automated disinfection prepares the milking unit for the next gentle milking procedure. You can rely on clean hygiene.

Highest performance level down to the smallest details

DairyRotor T8900

With the T8900, you invest in high reliability. High-quality, operationally safe materials and the extremely robust design stand for longest possible running times of the rotary milking parlor. By choosing the milking stall position (75°/90°) as well as the entry form (V-shaped/parallel), you adapt the system’s design to your individual ideas. You select the milking technology components from GEA’s perfectly aligned product range to fit your budget. Realize your ideal system concept for milking times without downtime!

Superior drive for the rotary milking parlor in international use

Reduced friction, less running resistance, lowest wear and tear: The most powerful rotary milking parlor from GEA’s DairyRotor line impresses with minimal energy consumption and infrequent maintenance intervals. Depending on country requirements, the reliable drives and easily rotating rollers are manufactured differently:

DairyRotor T8900
  • T8900, specifications for worldwide use: Unique quad roller drive and heavy-duty nylon rollers with special profile in roller frame for minimum wear with safe alignment.
  • T8800, specifications for the US market: Innovative under-carriage system and individually suspended steel rollers with rubber coating for lowest friction and precise centering of the platform.

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