Rotary Parlor

DairyRotor T8900

High performance in unique design: Enjoy great milking performance, comfort and durability

Leading-edge efficiency: Developed especially for dairy producers with large farms, the GEA DairyRotor T8900 rotary milking parlor can turn potential into productivity. That is easy thanks to the system’s extremely flexible design. Select the size and equipment that is just right for you, and let GEA help make your vision for the farm of the future a reality today.

The value of productivity

With GEA, you benefit from great throughput and performance. T8900 is tailored for superior performance and seamless processes right down to the smallest detail – from cow traffic through to process handling and milk flow. Designed especially for mid-sized to large herds, T8900 is the powerful rotary milking parlor in GEA’s DairyRotor series, providing you with custom-made technology for outstanding productivity and efficiency.

Consistently robust for continuous use

Investing in the future requires reliability. Across the board, T8900 components stand for reliability around the clock. In short, they’re built to last. Moreover, the system can be ideally customized to suit your needs and budget. Choose from a wide range of GEA’s milking components for a strong and future-oriented investment.

  • 32-120 milking stalls for mid-sized to large herds
  • Flexible design: 75° or 90° stall position, V-shaped or parallel entrance
  • Standard and Subway version available
  • Convenient herd management with real-time data
  • Easy to clean features designed for impeccable hygiene
  • Sloped platform for easy and clean draining
  • Closed cabinet completely protects all milking components
  • Accessible components for easy maintenance
  • Durable, low-maintenance quad-roller system

Unparalleled comfort

Imagine working in a clean, well-organized environment day after day. State-of-the-art ergonomics enable comfortable handling of daily routines. The system’s smoothly rounded, low-profile cabinets make milking a pleasure, allowing for fast cow flow in a calm and quiet atmosphere.

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