Fresh and high-quality feed

GEA DairyFeed F4000

Fresh and high-quality feed, tailored to individual animals or groups with automatic feeding from GEA's DairyFeed product line.

Promote the feed intake of your performance groups with fresh TMRrations in small portions throughout the day. Automated feeding systems from GEA’s DairyFeed product line weigh, mix and distribute the feed as you have planned and take over the labor-intensive feeding tasks from you. Control and monitor the feeding activities precisely and comfortably via WIC software.

GEA’s automated feed pusher eases the work load for you, pushing the feed towards the feed fence at intervals chosen by you, so that every cow gets her fresh feed. If you want to additionally support your cow’s performance, the automatic concentrate feeder distributes the concentrate individually, precisely as it is needed in the lactation phase. In the youngstock area, the automated calf feeders provide the calf milk and concentrated formulas necessary for healthy growth right from the beginning.

Your strategy will pay off as you save time and effort while your automated feeding system from GEA’s DairyFeed product line takes care of individual animals or groups feeding. Efficient feeding is your key to achieving good milk performance of your herd!


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