Feeding Robot – GEA DairyFeed F4500

Feeding is the biggest cost factor in managing a farm. Here, the quality, frequency, and optimization of mixed rations for each group of cows are decisive to milk production. This is where the GEA DairyFeed F4500 feeding robot helps farmers to have more flexibility for their daily routines as well as precise management of their feeding strategy.

Precise mapping for reliable navigation

Fitted with navigation sensors, the F4500 creates a precise map of the farm allowing to work out the ideal routes for distributing feed. The robot can constantly localise its position, recognise obstacles and avoid collisions, safely navigating between barns, on uneven floors and traveling on inclines of up to 10%. With the F4500 no major farm modifications are needed!

DairyFeed F4500 – GEA Feeding Robot

Optimize milk production, animal health, save time and reduce workload

Automatic 24/7 feeding routines

The autonomous feeding robot weighs, mixes and distributes up to 2.2 m3 of fresh TMR feed every hour for up to 300 animals in different nutritional groups. It ensures that customised rations are perfectly prepared in accordance with the feeding cycles set by you. The robot also takes over the work of feed pushing after and between cycles.

Intelligent feed analysis and optimization

With the F4500 you can check feed consumption and leftovers and adjust the amount of the next rations accordingly to minimize feed waste. It is also possible to analyse mix quality, allowing for adjustments of the mixture based on your feeding strategy for the best possible animal health.

Synchronisation of feeding and milking data

GEA feeding and milking robots are digitally connected via DairyNet, enabling feeding and milk output and quality data to be synchronised round-the-clock. This accurately optimizes feeding strategy and milk production.

DairyFeed F4500 – GEA Feeding Robot

Automated feeding routines that include analysis and optimization

Perfect cooperation and a clean kitchen

The design of the F4500 contributes to a cleaner kitchen and can be perfectly integrated with all kitchen equipment. Bunkers, silos, mineral, and liquid containers ensure the safe, hygienic storage and distribution of valuable feed ingredients.

GEA bunkers have a volume of 16 m3, the stainless-steel bottom plate ensures long lifespan and two augers an even dosing. In addition, the shut-off valve promotes a clean kitchen, avoiding extra work.

DairyFeed F4500 – GEA Feeding Robot

Perfect cooperation and a clean kitchen

Installed and supported by GEA dealers

GEA Dealers offers a professional, high-quality 24-hour service, from individual consultation and planning to installation and start-up, as well as maintenance and support.

gea farm technologies feeding table

GEA brings your feeding strategy to a next level

Are you ready for your next step in feeding automation?

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