Concentrate Calf Feeder DairyFeed J 1000

The DairyFeed J 1100 optimizes the way you feed calves in your agricultural operation by delivering tailored nutrition and perfectly sized rations for every single calf.

Overview of the main advantages of the DairyFeed J 1100 concentrated feed box:

  • Targeted feeding encourages fast and healthy growth
  • Each calf gets just the right nutrition as the box is connected to the calf feeders
  • A light sensor gives you efficient control over the amount of feed delivered
  • No more over-feeding – this reduces the risk of illness
  • Can be connected to DairyManagementSystem 21

Feed your young cattle early and in a targeted way with the DairyFeed J 1100 concentrated feed box

Switching to concentrated feed early on helps the calves to develop more quickly. This benefits you financially. Because: Calves can be weaned off of expensive milk at an early stage. The DairyFeed J 1100 concentrated feeding system is also an ideal addition to the calf feeders available from GEA. Feeding and rearing young cattle becomes even more efficient when you connect it to DairyManagementSystem 21 as part of a system solution.

Highly technical support for feeding – find the perfect amount for your young cattle

Feeding can be regulated for each calf individually. Ideal portions of the concentrated feed can be delivered in a targeted way, and the automation means there is no risk of over-feeding. The feed is delivered from the 110 liter capacity concentrated feed vessel via an exact volume dispenser. A light sensor is used to check the precise amount of feed. So our system ensures that the stainless steel bowl is only refilled once it has been completely emptied. Your benefits: You can identify any irregularities during feeding at an earlier stage. This method of rearing and feeding your animals reduces the risk of illness spreading through your herd.

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